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  • Lol the chance of that happening is getting less and less. Yo ucan save Brawl snapshots to a SD card right?
    Yo, I added you to Animal Crossing! Can play if you want, I got a Laptop with me, and the game is on right now so I can view both messages and play the game :D!! my info is on the groups chatbox below the members' names and info
    Do you have a laptop or computer near your xbox360 that recieves a wireless connection? If so I can help you out (thats what I had to do, my router is also downstairs).

    Talk to me on AIM (XxPhantasyHeroxX)
    Oh, alright. No problem, maybe tonight I won't be so rushed so it's win/win.

    I have some fruits in my pocket so once you get to my town I'll give 'em to you.
    I need to hurry though XD
    I'm being rushed.. so I can let you come to my town some. Grab all the fruit you want first and we'll see what we can do after that.


    FC: 1848-5225-7642
    Name: Dawn
    TOwn Name: Viridian

    Gates open. I'll get WiiSpeak up if you want me to.
    Hey, tomorrow I'm gonna be heading out to my Dad's but I'll be back the same day. I'm home alone right now so go ahead and give me a visitor message when you're ready. If not then I guess more waiting won't hurt? XD
    lol I meant I added you too the list in the social group =D

    I haven't played AC in a while, I've lost interest in it already....

    And yes, this site is cool lol

    I gotta go now though, see ya later =D
    I said Monday for a reason XD
    I don't have AC with me right now. Am travelling, and didn't bring it with me. I'm stuck with Melee for now bro. If you can wait though I know I have oranges and peaches. And definetley have Coconuts. I might have cherries instead of apples though, but I still have a lot so you can come and take some when I get back Monday.
    There are lots of ToS fans here. I only have the GC version though. I'm from the EU and the Wii game isn't even annonced over here :(
    Cool, another BK fan! Good to meet you. And *Mari*, there is a third game. It's called Nuts & Bolts.
    Oh and I dont have wifi

    But i have aim if you ever want to talk strats
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