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  • Hey so Connor is down for leaving fri night at around 5pm if possible. Text me to get a hold of me 780-885-3782
    Ron is gonna join us too
    yes! it's just connor and i so youre free to join us in his ghetto lincoln haha! i'll get back with you with the time in just a sec, gotta ask connor when we're leaving.
    LOL Alright. That's gonna be our team name for sure. And we'll practice up for sure. I may be stopping into the city a couple of times this week when I'm off work, to get some practice in.
    The irony of that is I got mega into wrestling because of wrestling games LOL
    That's what I like to hear!

    We'll definitely do more doubles friendlies! IDK about teaming for the tournament though, especially if Breez is able to come...we'll see though!

    That would be awesome! =D It's going to be April 28th. I set the date with the venue yesterday, and I'm going to get the thread up sometime today.

    Yes, we absolutely are. =D

    My best secondary is MK, lol. I also have a pretty decent DK (I've trolled Captain L pretty hard with it), a mediocre Diddy, and my Ike, which I've had as an okay secondary since before I played competitively. More recently, I've picked up a bit of Falco and Falcon (Falco was my favorite sandbag character over the summer when I only had my brother to play with, and I've been working on Falcon for low tiers as of a couple weeks ago).

    Sounds cool. I've got much better secondaries than I did when I was in AB (thanks largely to Bundt's peer pressure to play more characters), and I usually use them in friendlies more than Yoshi now. It'll be fun either way. ^.^

    Me, Bundt, and Kodokan are moving TVs to the venue in the afternoon, and I plan on following him back to his place afterwards to meet up with you guys. I'm not gonna stay overnight though; just for the evening. I need to make sure I have enough sleep so I don't do a terrible job hosting. :x

    Is Luke coming in around the same time as the rest of you?

    Please don't destroy me. =[ Who are you even going to use?!?

    I've done a few 12 hour drives before...it sure is a long way for a weekend. o.0 The flight is so short too. If I had the choice though, I'd just go with the carpool as long as the gas money costs less than the flight. lol

    So it's you, Mike, Luke, and the twins flying in, right? I'll probably see you guys at Bundt's on Friday! (Assuming school doesn't get in the way)

    The sad thing is, it feels like yesterday that the year 2000 came to pass.
    Yeah timezones lol.

    Also, of course I wanna be young forever, at least physically. I mean yeah okay I do look and feel young still, but that might not last. ;_;
    You're 21, and that means it's not long until I'll be 21...

    Happy birthday but tbh... it makes me wanna cry. :(
    You have other friends? Here I thought I was special :p. Ya I still live there, 4:30 should be just dandy. I've had a lame summer, but you know me, something is ALWAYS wrong lol
    I've been good thanks! Training a lot this summer for sports and stuff, I want to actually look good for once too you know? Kinda like our avis...xD. So ive been running and doing muscle building stuff so its been work but its fun. I was actually just about to go for run (i like running at night haha). How have you been?
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