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  • My first cat ran away, my second cat ran away, my third cat wouldn't eat so we had to give her up without ever knowing whether she was put down or readopted.

    My current cat is fine though. :p
    I've sent the bin codes for all the videos on December 21st to someone who can record them all and put them up.

    Once I get them (likely when I return from my Grandparent's for Christmas) I'll upload them. No custom music/hacks/whatever. But everything will go up.
    Lol they were and weren't, it was weird.

    Also prob not gonna be here in 40 mins, guess this is the part where you're like "AND THAT'S WHY AIM SUX LOLOL"

    Yeah I did, they don't care.
    Basically it's them old generation types ya know, MEN SHOULDN'T GET PIERCED. Honestly I think me coming out was what let her yield, because she couldn't pull the "are you gay" card on me.

    Also it's better than VM walls. So HOP TO IT HOMO
    Honestly the first thing to do would be to check with your manager before anything. If your boss doesn't care, that's the main obstacle out the way.

    Man navel piercing is really really rare in guys, but I think it looks ****en cute and screw it I don't care if people think I'm gay for obvious reasons. She'd prob be like o__o
    Honestly she's not so bad, she's just like "men don't get piercings" and it's like REALLY? >.>

    Also you should get on that AIM thing you never use because it makes talking easier.

    Oh and thanks for the compliment <3
    Always wanted them, but mum was always very :mad::mad: NEVER

    Then at this age I was like "if I don't get them now, I can't really wear them when I'm a professional"

    So I just told my mum "your opinion is dumb" and she yielded, I thought I'd consider her so she didn't nag me about it the whole time.

    So yeah, got my ears done, she doesn't actually know about my navel LOL. Might tell her soon see if I eat a smack in the face.

    Oh and here's my ear. http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/6817/picture00700.jpg
    Posted pic of my ear in DR pic thread.

    Hey look I'm dropping you a VM, just like old times!
    You make me insane. :woman:

    It might feel like a lot of work but eventually you get used to it and just learn to accept it.
    The only thing I dislike is having to be a ***** every now and then. :p
    I guess so.. in the end I can only pick one so I've never really felt extra special or anything for being attracted to both sexes.
    Makes me wish the LGBT still existed. I missed out on it the first time.
    lol ,reading the post below me I see I'm not the only one who's been drawn here
    what's with the hot guys for the avatar and sig? You're totally gay aren't you?!

    Ah, your gay (or bi lol), cool, I'm Bi myself, and am in love with a very very sweet guy....perhaps you know him (and lol, its not any of the Edmonton smash guys lol....actually, that's a REALLY disturbing thought x.x).

    Everything sounds wonderful for you =). I got a lot I also want to say lol, but I'm waiting till I'm back home
    The title of that song is very seducing ;)
    I've never seen big butt live

    I do remember a video of her falling on the stage live though lol
    Darren has a crush? That is quite a shock lol. I'm glad to hear your life is going so swimingly : ). What's your job, where are you moving, where'd you meet your friends, and what's this girl like?

    I've had a lot go on/going on since we last talked as well ^^;
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