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  • Are you the Firefly who was at Pax? If so, you are one of my favorite Smashers! I watch you on YouTube to get some tips with Yoshi. :)
    Yeah, that was me. Thank you! I hope my videos have actually helped. :x
    Definitely. Well you are (I think) the best Smash 4 Yoshi, so, yeah, you are great.
    Hey, uh, I was looking to attend the Smash Bros monthly brawl today but couldn't find it at SFU. I didn't post about it on the forum thread because I hadn't made a smash boards accounts at the time. It's too late now, but in which room was it in?"
    Sorry to hear that. D: It's in rooms 2290-2296 in the Maggie Benston Centre, around the middle of the campus. I never got around to updated the OP of the thread, my mistake. :c
    no you have multiple accounts. I'm going to report you to the highest authority on smashboards.... If only I knew who that was. :p
    Hey Jake :)
    Just wondering when the next Phoenix is. I´m considering coming. Hopefully there is a car pool :o
    Alright, you got it. Just send me the info and I'll find a box to put it in or something. XD
    Your laptop is dumb. :mad:

    I do have your bag now, actually. Will said he was going up to Revival of Salt in about a month, will you be there? I could give it to him to bring up if possible. Otherwise I'll just mail it asap if you want it now.
    Yo, are you able to AIM dmbrandon (iDiembrandonL)? He wants to ask you something.
    Yea that double Ike vs double Yoshi is gonna be interesting to see. I predict a minefield of usmashes... from everyone

    Fair enough too, gimmicks are fun to try though so I thought i'd ask.
    Saw you post in the Apex teammate thread.

    How do you feel about an unorthodox team of Yoshi/Ike? I would basically be a kill support, I can pass teammates onto you to damage them with bthrow/fthrow and use uair/bair/usmash to get some quick follow ups usually. I do practice doubles a lot even if it isn't against the best of players so I do know how to avoid hitting my partner usually.

    Course against teams with MK I'd probably switch to Pikachu :x

    Do let me know what you think. I understand if you want insurance with a better character.
    Oh yeah? Which characters?
    I'll probably go Sheik on you a ton lol
    She's my only real secondary. But I also use Falco here and there but not much.
    Oh and we're doing doubles friendliest together. As in us being on the same team haha
    Oh ok sweet. An evening of brawl sounds perfect haha
    And I think Luke will be flying to BC a bit earlier than the rest of us. So he'll wait at the Airport until we land I'm pretty sure.

    I'll use probably 2 characters lmao. Maaaaybe more depending on how much we play.
    Yup, except Luke is taking a different flight as far as I know.
    Wait, are you staying at Bundts or something? lol

    Oh, and I'm going to destroy your Yoshi
    haha yeah I can't wait. I'm so glad I'm flying down and not driving lol
    Hey Jake, not sure if you planned on getting internet at home anytime soon but I thought you might like this deal at www.telus.ca/student. It's high speed turbo internet for $22/month or $17 if you get a slightly slower, though still very fast connection with no contract.
    Wow! Congratulations on your tourny win! I'm super impressed and really hyped for pheonix 6!!!
    only mods post on my wall. i want normal people to as well =(

    are you gonna join? ;D
    Hey Jake, Luke told me the place where you guys hold your tournaments still sell GC Controllers. Do you know their website by any chance?
    woke up to good songs on the radio, realized it's the day before the long weekend, etc.

    then the harsh reality of the unfairness in this world hits me, like icy cold water to the face
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