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  • Tell me about it, my old 360 broke down and Microsoft told me they couldn't fix it so I was forced to buy a new one. =/
    So turns out that Microsoft couldn't repair my 360 so now I gotta buy a refurbished console. (Which I will next week.)

    So yeah, MW3 with me next week. (Hopefully.)
    Yeah, they didn't even try to shoot down my air support. I actually got a 30 kill streak in that game. :)

    Now I have 2 nukes under my belt in MW2.
    I'm gonna un-sub to Blametruth now, I'm tired of hearing his stupid Pokemon stuff and how "creepy" it is. >.<
    I can't believe that some people don't use ninja in MW2. Oh well, easy kills for me. :awesome:
    I can't help it. :c

    It also didn't help when a ****ing random on our team followed me around (he must've looked at the scoreboard and saw that I was 24-0) and kept on shooting his unsilenced guns around me. =/
    We need to play something together, it's been too long. Haven't played Black Ops at my house for the past month. MW2 good?
    I know, but getting 7 kills in a row is...pretty difficult for me. WHATEVER, I GOT THAT ONE NUKE CAMPING IN THE MIDDLE BUILDING ON KARACHI WITH OMA DC PRO PIPES!!! :awesome:
    How many nukes have you gotten in total, anyways? You have the spinning nuke emblem?
    Good job on the nuke video you uploaded last night/today. Bad aiming tho and you almost killed yourself with your own 2nd harrier strike. :p

    That's what it must have been, then.
    Last night I was taken to an Urgent Care after I got incredibly light-headed. I'm fine now, but they said there was a spike in my blood pressure. What were you doing?
    IMO, the worst part about that MW2 video you uploaded last night was how quickly you died when you spawned. Death in 3-4 seconds.
    Gotta cater to the casuals/noobs cause that makes more money. We're witnessing the fall of skill required in video games. Sad, but whatcha gonna do? :urg:
    It's been less than two weeks and you're already sick of Gears of War 3? :urg:
    I'll be getting Gears of War 3 soon, can't wait to rage play the game with you! The game kind of reminds me like Black Ops, you have to use the SO (like Ghost in blops) or else you're gonna get destroyed, amirite?
    It's not like the characters you play as in Gears of War know the meaning of 'stealth' or 'silent'. xD

    Thanks again for the headset dude, I'll never forget what you did for me. :)
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