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  • I'll prolly be on XBL around midnight, you guys better invite me to the party. :mad:
    Oh, you have the game? If so, we should play together online one day!

    Getting nukes left and right in MW2. Yourself?
    Batman too good.

    The freakin' Riddler stuff is killing me.

    BUT. I like that you can interrogate thugs who work for the Riddler into revealing secrets, which reveal them on the map. And not just trophies; It will reveal 'riddle' locations too.
    I'll try to get on for as long as possible. No promises, kinda busy week.
    Do you have Black Ops again? Did you...*puts on shades* give it a second chance? YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
    ACII was great. But I've had enough of Ezio's story. Let's move on, please. kthxbai. :glare:

    They're milking it. I need ACIII.

    >_> <_< :shrug: So I feel through the floor in Skyrim. But it was in a shop. So I was able to see the 'invisible' chests the vendors use to store their merchandise and steal from it. :awesome: Winning!
    Take it to a whole new level of anal evacuation. OH **** SON RHAN BACK OUT BACK OUT
    Hell yeah Star Fox Team, let's do this!
    *rhan is on the other team
    Well, time to drink my own piss.
    LOL @rhan. His KD is probably off the charts. Considering the chart is measured in degrees of ****headedness.
    Just bought a new/un-opened 360 Elite model off eBay. Should get it Wed-Friday since the guy lives 2 hours away from me.

    So turns out that Microsoft couldn't repair my 360 so now I gotta buy a refurbished console. (Which I will next week.)

    So yeah, MW3 with me next week. (Hopefully.)
    That's ********. I assumed it was the same like in Black Ops but without CoD points to earn. =/
    ..........so what's the point of having them in the game? So you can only play those against friends? Not randoms? WTF!!!
    Randoms are bad. Don't know how to play domination? FLAGS? WHAT ARE THOSE???


    My worst game yesterday was 8-21 and my best was 46-6 on that snowy map. I accidentally put on the assault kill streaks lol. (It's on my file share.)

    And for stuff like gun game and one in the chamber, there is matchmaking for that, right?
    MW3 >>>>>>>>> MW2

    I regret nothing. I hope they nerf snipers/QSing soon and fix the spawns.
    Can you tell me how
    Makarov knew where you guys were in the 'Turbulence' mission in single player? I wasn't expecting him to be there when you open the door at the end.
    You should text me more
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