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  • Well hello there.
    O D I N
    O D I N
    Ah. I was gonna say; You're welcome to come over and hang out anytime.

    Obviously being that far away from Chicago, I'd imagine that's a long drive. Longer walk.
    Offer is appreciated all the same. Gladly return the favor if you were ever crazy enough to wander the desert.
    O D I N
    O D I N
    Maybe one day. :)

    I'll agree with you on DuMorne being alive (duh), but Cowl and Cowl's apprentice being Harry and Molly? I dunno about all of that. The way time travel works in this setting is kinda wiggy (recall Vadderung's explanation of paradox theory and whatnot). It'd be a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge leap.

    Merlin being Harry...? Eh, I'm a little ambivalent on that one. I believe that it's possible Dresden has the same potential and power as he does (with soulfire, specifically), but it's hard for me to think that they're one and the same. We'll see how that one goes.

    I'm excited. I can't wait to see where this story goes.
    I foresee molestation in Harry's future. Molestation...of all kinds.

    I dunno, man. Just so much crap has happened to Molly ever since she was introduced. You know? It's like Butcher has this sick desire to make this character suffer so freaking much. Breaking her down, brick-by-brick, book-by-book. It's constant. Discovering her latent magical talent and abusing it, using her Sight at the worst possible time, getting blacklisted by the White Council, her Dad nearly getting killed (Michael is the ****, btw), psychic trauma, physical trauma, et cetera. She's almost got it as bad as Harry.

    On an unrelated note: I lol'd at the part where the Erlking said, "Wizard, please."
    Just finished Cold Days. Mind=blown. I didn't expect that kind of ending. Like, at all. I also didn't expect Rashid/Gatekeeper to have a job that would be so...literal to his name. Kinda cool how the Seelie and the Unseelie are the vanguard that protects mainstream reality, too. The setting just keeps getting more and more interesting.

    I'm not too sure that I'm sold on the whole "Nemesis/Adversary/Contagion" thing yet, but this is Jim ****ing Butcher we're talking about here. No doubt it's going to be awesome in some way.
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    I haven't read it yet. *fumes.* I'mma jack the book when my Dad's done with it.
    Odin comment in the ME thread, I don't want to make 4 posts in a row but I have lots of new info D:
    "Knock knock knock knock. Who's there? The Master."

    I feel so bad laughing at that. And then there's this:
    I'm gonna miss Chris Eccleston. The regenerations are so depressing to me, but David Tennant yes **** yes.:applejack:
    Watched episodes 1 and 2 of season one, so things are getting clearer. Sister is letting me use her Netflix account, so things should go more swimmingly.:applejack:
    Well, at first, I don't think I watched them in any particular order:
    My first episode (which I can't remember the name of) involved preventing the crash of a Titanic(?) spaceship. Following that, I watched (in order): Forest of the Dead, Midnight, Turn Left, and The Stolen Earth. I'm currently waiting for Planet of the Odd to finish recording, but I take it the last two or three episodes I mentioned are in episode order.:applejack:

    I didn't mean to imply that I was assuming it happened in every episode, I was just curious due to how often I was seeing it. Completely forgot to take into account that I watched (or probably still am watching) the episode in no set order. Sorry about that.
    Alright, I've seen three episodes, and 5 people have given their lives with self-sacrifice. I'm still very much enthralled by the show, and I'm going to keep watching, but is self-sacrifice a usual thing for this show?:applejack:
    Gotcha. And lol, I love David Tennant as well. <3

    I already have a good deal of episodes set to record, but I'll give the earlier series a gander when I can.:applejack:
    Saw Doctor Who on my listings at 5:00 in the morning, and decided to watch it. Holy ****. Moar.

    Is the show still going in terms of new episodes?:applejack:

    Zatch, by the way.
    If I may ask, how much more are you earning? Is it per hourly or annually for this raise?

    Nice! How long have you been working there btw?

    I'll consider looking into those things one of these days. Busy w/TF2 on Steam. =)

    Waffles > Pancakes. Fact.

    Was there a real fire in one of the rooms/hotel kitchen!?!?!?

    And you should ask your boss for a raise IMO. :smirk:

    Did your hotel pass with flying colors btw?
    I see.

    And let me guess...Skyrim and D3? :smirk:

    I don't. Removing headshot damage bonus from geth primes was ****ing ******** if you ask me. And all classes were already viable IMO... >.<

    BioWare needs a backbone if you ask me, they often cave in too early to the *****ers about ME3 in general.
    Do you still play ME3 online?

    Me? I don't, kinda got bored of that game tbh. That and I don't approve of BioWare nerfing all this stupid **** as of lately. =/
    Let me know what you think of the DLC tomorrow!

    You'd think that us buying new copies of their games with their stupid ****ing online passes bull**** would keep the servers online forever but nope.avi :mad:

    Btw, today is "officially" the first day of summer. WHERE THE **** IS MY EXTENDED CUT DLC?!?!??! :mad:
    Do you think they will? I personally think that they'll fall short and piss off the ME community/fan base even more... =/
    I think I lost some brain cells after seeing the "best" ending for the game. All three endings insult the intelligence of the player and the entire fan base IMO. =/

    The "ending cut" DLC which is supposed to be out "this summer" better be ****ing perfect and clear everything up or else I'm going to be VERY, VERY :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    You actually agree with me on this stuff? :o

    And I was pretty surprised that they managed to resolve and bring closure to those things in ME3. I never thought I'd see the day when the Krogan and the Salarians are cool with each other. Same goes for the Geth and the Quarians.

    How bout you?
    Okay, here we go. (And I don't care if the recent TU/patch fixed some of these bugs/glitches, this is from my perspective when I played and beat the SP before that stuff.)

    What I liked:

    - BioWare FINALLY gave you the option of sprinting forever
    - There is no more (or barely?) any textures loading in your face unlike ME1/2 due to the unreal engine
    - The new and improved way of unlocking your powers has been mainstreamed
    - Modding your weapons is fun
    - The online MP co-op is pri fun
    - The AI has been improved since ME2
    - Less loading
    - You can explore the Citadel again (Not as much as ME1 but still eons better than ME2...)
    - The "insta-grab" feature
    - Taking cover is easier/better
    - The "sprint and melee" feature is cool
    - Free MP DLC

    What I didn't like:

    - The ending :mad: :mad: :mad:
    - EA (How they ruined/rushed BioWare IMO)
    - Online pass
    - Sometimes when you're talking/talking to someone, Shepard's/their mouths don't move and/or their heads don't move or their eyes don't move
    - The frame rate drops sometimes
    - How Shepard was obsessed with that boy
    - The "I'm stuck in a dark forest" scenes
    - Miranda's romance scene was lame
    - No loyalty missions
    - The first DLC pack is already on the disc/unlock code BS
    - Less squad mates to choose from
    - Reviving teammates in the MP is sometimes a ***** due to the 'A' button doing too much like in Gears 1/2...>.<
    - EA's servers blow
    - The MP servers will prolly be shut down by 2014
    - The MP is glitchy (Even more than MW2 was at launch)

    There's prolly more but that's all I can think of atm. Discuss.

    - All 3 of the endings are pretty similar (Doesn't really matter if you're a paragon or renegade Shepard...and I spent SO MANY hours doing most of the side assignments to increase my war assets and for what? BARELY ANYTHING!!!) :mad:
    - ME3 ends on an open note / cliff hanger (Even tho ME3 is supposed to mark the final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games, completing the story of Commander Shepard WHICH IT DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :mad: :mad: :mad:
    - They don't give a **** on what you did in ME1/2

    I passed over the 1st stage "Denial" (I was in denial that THAT was the "best" ending for the game...) and now I'll be in the 2nd stage "anger" for the next while. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Also, I will tell you in a bit on what I liked and didn't like about ME3.
    Yeah. My plan is to get out of school, enter the IT field and make at least ~50k/year. Live at home with the 'rents for a year or two and pay off most of it.
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