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  • Are the nurses treating you right at your retirement home? :awesome:

    I'm still rocking Stefan's old X1s. :awesome:
    Yeah, I had like 2 green blocks back then. (11-20 or something like that)

    Someone once gave me negative rep for saying that "I like cake over pie." =/

    I don't post in the LH anymore. =/
    How are you liking ME3 so far? Is it better than ME2? (I keep on typing 'MW2'...)

    Yeah, I learned that those two ones don't update every time you do it unlike the other stuff, kinda annoying. =/

    Oh, that's for Arrival? I hate achievements which you can miss.

    Yeah, the AI/pathfinding in ME2 is pretty bad IMO.
    You see the "You took an arrow to the knee? Well I took a missile to the face" with Garrus? (I was gonna look it up and show it to you but I wasn't sure.)

    I gotta get those two cheevos where you use warp and incinerate. =/ (How bout that one where you gotta get to that dr w/o alerting anyone? That one hard? I looked on X360A but nothing was next to it in their guide.)

    Miranda got glitched out today, was out of cover and couldn't move. =/
    Kasumi is pretty stupid too IMO (she often runs out of cover and towards the enemy and often gets knocked out cause of it...)

    I also don't like that new SMG which is really accurate but only has 20 bullets, I like the tempest SMG better. And the only reason why I don't use the BRs in ME2 that often is cause of the lack of ammo it can hold. =/

    Send me a msg on FB.
    I don't really like Zaeed... :c

    And did you let Vido get away in Zaeed's loyalty mission?
    I bet Kasumi's Stolen Memory yesterday, I'd say it's worth the 560 ($6?) for the 2 hour gameplay it gives you. Snazzy new outfit too! And Kasumi is funny when she's put into action.

    Also, I went to Afterlife on Omega again and got poisoned by that bartender. (No, I didn't forget about that, but there's no way around it.)

    mfw: pokerface.jpg
    Took a break from ME2 this weekend, gonna start a new play through tomorrow.
    So I found out something weird about the mass effect 3 recruitment. Apparently each person has to get his own set of recruits. So like since I added you into my squad, it won't let you add me for your squad. Which means only I benefit from adding people. Which is weird cause originally I thought everyone in my squad would get the recruitment packs. Sorry. I'm kinda confused about it still so I posted on the Mass Effect 2 page on Facebook.
    I've been trying to block out all memories of me playing ODST. :smirk:

    EVEN BETTER! :awesome:
    I don't think my body is ready for tomorrow. I ****ing love ME2! :tytypoo:
    I played some CoD4 today with my friends, such a good game! I was actually pretty surprised to see that I had a title update for the game. (Haven't played it for the past 2 months...) I assumed it fixed the hackers but nope: had some people fly up into the air, get out of the map, everyone was moving at 2x speed, no 'idle sway' when you sniped etc. Oh well.

    And can you please help me with ME2? I plan on spending $50 sometime this week: $20 for a new copy of ME2 (I want the extra character, missions etc.) and I calculated how much I need to buy all 4 of the DLC: 2480 points (I already have 450 points on my account from XBL rewards :awesome:), if I DL all of them, will they just appear in my game? Or do I have to start a new play through after this once to do them?

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, ever play a game which takes over your life? ME2 has done that to me. When I go to sleep, I get excited to wake up and play the game. 40 hours logged so far into the game and I must get the DLC! $30 of DLC!
    Will do, thanks for the heads up, ODIN. I trust/valve your opinion when it comes to video games cause you're older than me. (And I'll get off your lawn now.) :troll:

    And the font in that gif reminds me of the PS3 and the spiderman text. xD
    God, ME2 is such a GOOD game. 30 hours logged so far! I'm planning on buying a new copy for the code to DL the free stuff and I might buy all of the DLC! :)
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