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  • **** me, that was long.

    Another thing I was wondering about is if you think ME3 would have been different if BW had more time to make it. It seems strange to me that the final game in the series with a central gimmick about making choices and importing them from game to game to face their consequences had the shortest development time by a fair margin, and that sounds a lot more like an EA Games decision to me than a Bioware decision.

    I've also been thinking of replaying the last run of the game and going with Destroy instead of synthesis, and was wondering if there's more to the EC ending of that than the synthesis one.
    Yeah don't get me wrong, what I experienced with the Catalyst was obviously greatly improved from whatever happened before the EC expanded it based on what I've heard. That was an encounter that should have been long and I do remember it being quite lengthy because I asked all the available questions. I was satisfied with that. When I said the "one cutscene and some tidbits" I meant excluding the Catalyst stuff. Again I didn't have the problem with the A/B/C stuff, I just wanted the EC to provide closure to the decisions I made rather than having everything be rendered irrelevant by the final choice/situation. Or I guess I should elaborate that; obviously the scenario presented by the Catalyst trumps the in comparison minor things you do throughout the series. What I think the EC should have done is unravel the consequences of your choices in the aftermath of everything, rather than just the immediate consequences of your final choice. I have heard that Destroy and Control have more interesting EC endings/content, though -- I chose synthesis, so a brief EDI monologue was all I got afterward, and I honestly would've felt the ending were stronger if it just ended with Joker and EDI exiting the Normandy on the new planet. What the hell planet was that, anyway? Did they hit a relay before the.... synthexplosion caught up to them?

    And heh, I wasn't saying I believe in IT or anything. I always draw the line in the sand when faced with "X amount of this artwork was real, but despite it never having surreal elements before, Y amount is a dream" theories. Can't get into that thinking since you can force that onto anything. I do think you need to give it a little more credit though, as there really are some strong points outside the Truther-esque **** like the 1M1 thing, and it's interesting to think about. The big ones for me are the nightmares (recurring nightmares being a symptom of indoctrination), which trump up Shepard's guilt about the Earth kid prior and then end with him watching himself finally catch up to the kid and burn alongside him, something I'd find relatively meaningless if the dreams were anything but indoctrination attempts but has a pretty apparent one otherwise. Then there's the inclusion of "oily shadows" and "whispers of the dead" or whatever the Rachni Queen said in the dreams. Vega's recurring line about "does anyone else hear that hum" is another one for me because it is clearly meant to infer something, as a soldier like him isn't going to find the regular hum of a working ship to be unusual, but whatever humming he's hearing clearly seems strange to him. There's also the most obvious point that right up to getting lasered by Harbinger Shepard's singular objective is "go up the warp, blow up the Reapers with the Crucible", and then control and synthesis are pushed as the only options worth taking while both of those things have been attempted to great failure and indoctrination by people in the past (Saren, splinter Protheans, TIM), plus Shep can only live via Destroy while Control and Synthesis both ensure his death (and also he is told/implied that he will die via Destroy but doesn't necessarily). Those are the ones I think are all valid and interesting points, but I think the rest, like the kid being a hallucination and so on, just aren't there. The tweets by BW blatantly trying to stoke the fires of IT while also not confirming it were interesting too, but I'm fully convinced those are just damage control of "yeah believe whatever makes you like the game again", not confirmation or anything else.

    There's a lot of intrigue to consider about it if you're not looking at it from a perspective of trying to prove it one way or the other and just thinking about it. For me, though, it's pretty simple. You build the Crucible, you connect it to the Citadel, this summons the Catalyst or whatever, and it's the Catalyst because it tells you what the hell the machine does and what the implications will be, which allows you to USE the thing. Thus, catalysis.

    What's your take on the ending? I assume it's one as straightforward as mine given your thoughts on IT heh. The main thing I am wondering about is if the Catalyst is one of those beings of light that are talked about in the lore (there's a tweet saying it's presumed to be one). Really would've liked a Klencory mission in ME3 since there was obviously something to all that semi-religious mumbo jumbo. Obviously the Catalyst doesn't fit that role of protecting organic life from "machine devils" very well, but eh, religion always exaggerates the stories they're founded on to the point of legend and simplicity.
    I did. I waited for the patch to come out so I could properly import my dude before I played, though, meaning I never got to the ending without the EC. So it's a bit hard to develop my appreciation for it, heh. Apparently Joker acted completely out of character without the EC scenes and you couldn't even talk to the Catalyst, which is some pretty gay ****.

    Honestly I was never THAT mad about the ending A/B/C thing. When you get to the ability to do things of such cosmic importance, generally how you treated some chump named Conrad Verner and other such things aren't going to make a difference in that regard. My issue is that they promised closure with the EC, and that made me think they were going to have a somewhat lengthy epilogue that unravels the consequences of all your choices. If that were to happen, ending A/B/C for Shepard is fine by me.

    But instead it was, what, one extra cutscene and some tidbits tossed into the game leading up to that? mehhhhhh

    On a related note, heard of indoctrination theory / beings of light theory?
    What scene is your avatar from? I just beat ME3 thursday night (well... yesterday morning. Goddamn game kept me up until like 10am haha) and I don't remember Liara crying or anything. My Shepard didn't romance off her blue pants though so that might be part of it.


    Probably not for a few years, at best. But the wife and I have a goal to visit/tour before/by the time we're 30.

    So... Sometime in the next 3 years?
    I was threatening him with my talons.

    Maybe this was real and it explains why I'm in this cage.
    Just had a dream where I was behind Xiivi forcing him to convince folks to go on to 4chan . . .
    I would have definitely come up had my flight been earlier on Friday.

    I'll make my way over some weekend before you come here, I promise.
    I'm not going to be able to make it.

    The logistics of the journey to you are unreasonable.

    I'm literally wasting 2 whole days traveling.

    I'll plan a journey to Wick sometime soon.
    Aren't games more expensive over there? It's usually $60 for a brand new game over here in Canada.
    Thanks for all your help in the ME series thread, sorry if most of my questions are stupid. D:
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