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Master Xanthan

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  • I hope you know that the 360 will not be banned in the U.S., that's just silly.
    Yeah, you want a sure fire way to know? Just...acquire Minecraft from a...certain site on the Internet and try playing it on your computer. If it plays fine, then buy a legit copy. (I encourage people to support indie developers.)



    Too bad I realized that I was becoming addicted to ME3 a month ago so I stopped playing the game. I also lent my copy to a friend to play. =/
    Why can't your computer run the PC version of Minecraft? IIRC, Minecraft doesn't require a powerful computer to run. Take mine for example, it's from 2009 and it can run Minecraft on normal/average graphical settings. =/

    And I have CoD4 for the PC and 360. That's how much I love the game lol. :bee:
    Is the Minecraft XBLA patch already out in NA now?

    If so, no more item duplication glitch. :( (I hope we got everything we need till the 1.8 update which'll contain creative mode in it.)
    Maybe...I'll be pretty pissed if they do end up doing that with the Wii U version... :mad: (I'll keep you updated on this btw if I read/hear anything new.)

    And I agree, I can't wait till they updated the 360 version soon. (4J isn't the biggest game developer out there so their resources aren't unlimited unlike others like Activision and Bungie.)



    "and I was shocked to learn not only is Mass Effect 3 coming to Wii U but it is a whole reworked game.

    Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back will be an exclusive "enhanced" version with a new story."

    WHAT THE ****!?!?1?!?!?!?!?!?1?

    Will you ever reactivate your account later on? I usually use it to post video game news articles on your wall but I guess I'll have to do it here now, right?
    Btw, I'm not ignoring you guys on XBL. I just have to take breaks every few hours or else I get head aches. >.<
    The Next Doctor
    Planet of the Dead
    The Waters of Mars (Really, the only decent one)
    The End of Time (The important one, but eh. And Timothy Dalton!)

    The other two are passable, but the last two are important.
    When you finish Season/Series 4 of Doctor Who, there are 'specials' you need to watch BEFORE you start Season/Series 5.
    Hey, I'll be on XBL this afternoon if you wanna finish that Gears 3 thing.
    Happens every year when a new CoD game is released, people are simply just jealous that the games sell a lot and the series/franchise is currently the #1 FPS on the video game market.

    You eventually get used to the hate/jealously. It's cool to hate the #1/popular thing!
    Yeah... Or when I go to knife someone and they say LOL NO and panic knife and I die.

    Just bought a new/un-opened 360 Elite model off eBay. Should get it Wed-Friday since the guy lives 2 hours away from me.

    So turns out that Microsoft couldn't repair my 360 so now I gotta buy a refurbished console. (Which I will next week.)

    So yeah, MW3 with me next week. (Hopefully.)

    I intend to get CoD:Elite, so I guess I could always just keep the clan the way it is too.

    I dunno. Up to you, since you started the first. It's not a big deal to me. Try searching "Team SWF", see if it comes up.
    We gotta figure out the clan stuff.

    Somehow, I was able to make a clan, and name it Team SWF. So sometime when we're both able to get on, I'll go on, rename mine, and then you can fix yours.
    Maybe I should post "if you don't have anything positive to say about this game, then don't post in this thread."

    Sound good?
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