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  • Hey, Live! Have you seen that really awesome way of Corner Carrying with Noel yet? It's really useful! Here, let me type it in for you:

    Any D>d.6A>d.6D>d.6B>d.6C>AT>6C(2)>6C>236A>6C>j.D>d.6D>d.5B>d.6B>d.5B>BT>Optional Fenrir.

    It's really cool and gets you more damage than the Spring Raid combo! It also corner carry's a lot better! But, I'd still keep the Spring Raid combo in mind, as if you're too far away from the corner, that combo won't work, and you'll have to switch to the Spring Raid combo. Still, that combo is pretty awesome and can corner carry from pretty far away. Hope you find it useful ^__^!
    Assault Through being combo viable has been able to open up so many interesting things! Still, I wonder how long it'll be until things in EX become regular knowledge for everyone. This is sort of the first time I get a fighting game as soon as it comes out, so I feel like I'm growing along with the community, which is a nice feeling ^__^.
    Hey, Live, how have you been ^__^? How has EX been for your Noel? It's been a sort of interesting learning experience for me, but I'm getting by ^^;. Hope to talk to you soon, Live ^__^.
    Fun games. Didn't know you used a sniper load out. I tried that when I first started and just found it hard compared to other games where I enjoy playing sniper .-.
    Hey, I saw your invite, but I have people over playing right now, so I can't play. Maybe next time?
    Dude, Catherine is a really good game. Thanks for tipping me off to the competitive part of it so that I can actually get off my *** and get around to playing it.
    Haha, well, my little brother is pretty into wrestling, and we have to watch it with him.

    I admit that I enjoy it sometimes, but some (most, tbh) of the skits just get to be a bit too much, haha. Cara's matches are typically enjoyable, though.
    By the looks at the brackets, your my next opponent. I will add you on PSN. Once I see you online I'm will send an invite for we can get the match done.
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