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  • You have a telegram, discord, or Skype?
    If so you should add me. If you don't remember me I'm CC. Crappycola, Colonelcraft, now Scinn etc. We could just talk n stuff. Just let me know. I need to get in contact with some old buds from here again.
    arch knight
    Archy alive <333

    Missed you, foo'. Been alright?
    arch knight
    arch knight
    yeah, have a career going now, once in a blue moon i show up on the boards but usually just playing games on steam, though i might get into smash again come next release.
    Arch knight! what's up bro? Been years. Not sure if you remember me but used to Brawl a looong time ago. Just saw one of your post saying that you retired.....For now. Well then get that dust off your controller. I'm getting back in the game as well. lol. Haven't been on here in like 5 years i think and i kinda quit brawl due to all it's broken/glitches and crap.
    But glad to see some guys are still around. Most of the friends i had on here haven't been on in 2 to 3 years. Anyways, catch yuh later
    4558 6653 7383

    If interested to brawl, add me on skype: fernandocastellanos97, and set up a time to play.
    arch knight
    arch knight
    i havent touched a smashbros game in years lol but thanks for the offer :p im retired....... For now
    I wish I knew you on a more serious note. Either way... Restaroni in pepperoni.
    arch knight
    arch knight
    you stir the bones and they tend to rattle.
    Yeah the arena as you might have already noticed is 100% dead... now it's in WiiU online discussion and full of metafags lol.
    arch knight
    arch knight
    yeah thats bound to happen when you lose a sense of RP value in people it gets too competative
    do you have skype???
    what is it???
    You'd be part of your own arena again...under my rule...but you'd be 2nd in charge when I'm not...together...WE SHALL RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/be silly
    arch knight
    arch knight
    i do have skype. and its my name >->
    It goes deep into the a forest...
    The trail ends. You see the cookies but now you're lost. <w<
    By the time you read this message it will be too late...
    I will have taken the cookies... all of them... Also I'll be somewhere in your house waiting to ambush you. <w<
    First two are correct... but the third is wrong. ;3 (Nobody has been getting that one for some reason lol)

    The fox would eat the chicken.
    Try again? [Yes]/No
    Note: Some of these will be easier since we are on the internet, still these questions are pretty easy anyway. These first three will be super easy.

    [COLLAPSE="Question 1. :3"]
    k, so there's a plane flying from North America to Canada, the plane malfunctions and crashes right on the border of North America and Canada.

    Where do you bury the survivors?

    [COLLAPSE="Question. 2. <w<"]
    You are a bus driver
    there are 5 people on your bus
    you stop and 2 people get off and 5 more get back on.
    at the next stop 8 get off and 15 get on, 3 of them are wearing hats.
    next stop 3 get off and 6 get on the last person to get on has an orange bag.
    next stop everyone gets off and the last person takes her purse with her

    what color are the bus drivers eyes? \owo/

    [COLLAPSE="Question 3. owo"]
    A farmer has a chicken, a fox, and a bag of grain. He must take all three across a river in his boat, which is only large enough for one item. If left alone, the fox will eat the chicken, and the chicken will eat the grain.

    How does the farmer get all 3 across the river?

    I have more for you if you can get these right. \owo/
    Hey. You up for some questions? :3
    They should be pretty easy for someone such as yourself. ;3
    ---------- do you trip on black ice?
    well you slip on ice you dont trip on it...thats like saying you tripped on your shoelace when really you were just standing on it...
    You're really something, ya know that? XDDD
    Eh? When you said "we", are you talking about you and your ex or us?

    Cause I was thinking about the former.

    haha!so true there...I hope he doesn't see want you to overthrow him...
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