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  • Hey I'm not young :p Well, unless 17 is young...

    The only reason I've never been to a tourney is cause I've not had the chance yet xD And I live in the UK which is nowhere near as active as the US
    lol nice pic and becuase hes got such high priorty hes still fun to play *** but in tournies he is most likey to win so its kinda unfiar
    Yes. It's exceptionally fun. Especially when I grope them (I actually do this).
    Of course I am more attractive than half the people you know. I'm a trap, after all. If only I could find those pictures where I'm actually wearing make-up and scaring 10.000 people at the world's largest LAN because most of them thought I was a girl.
    well becasue man, like you said i mean there is lag (a **** lot of it) and i got lucky like 90% of the time you know? i think your really better than i am at this game.

    Plus your sick so i mean you know? Good luck at the doctor tomorrow man. U takin the ap stat test?
    my bad man, i just gotta get my rest up since i got that AP stat test tomorrow and so do you!

    sorry i quit after beating you lol. You were whooping me so hard for like the last parts of us playing. Your officially a better smasher than me now dude.
    gg's man. I suck lol, nice camps (no johns) but for real nice.

    Naw i just keep gettin lucky thats all. Your ike is pretty good. I think you are officially now better than me man.
    Alright man, well since you see and talk to aaron and kevin far more than I, maybe you can invite them on my behalf and get them tocall me or something you know?

    Yeah i liked those matches pretty good too; sorry that i had to go, my mom watned me to go get dog food. Ill get back on in a sec if you still wanna play. Ill pick lucario and we can fight lucario vs ike. Hey, maybe a little lucario ditto? haha well just call me whenever you wanna get back on and batttle
    alright im on

    and adam would be fine he already told me. It would be so cool b/c my other 2 friends would come also and they are really good so it would help everyone out alot gettin to play in a mini smashfest type deal. Dude but yeah do you know how to get in contact with them?
    alright man well my phone is charging right now but i mean im on if you wanna play.

    And totally!! i mean dude just call them or talk to both of them and you all can come over to my house and we can play. It would be like more than awseom dude you dont even understand lol it would be like the best day ever no jjoke.
    ♡I do kid Mr.D..... ;)

    ♡And it was okay to ask, there are no silly questions in life, only silly people! ^__^
    ♡You know...a simple "Hello" would have been quite wonderful too! ;)

    ♡And yes, I am female. Why do you ask? ^__^;
    Karmacide is my asian friend that lives where I do, I see him at tournys. I have no idea how he got that picture, why?
    halo 2 then i'll play you on that halo 3 got stolen from me
    that is....... if you have live.
    lol...girls aren't good at games. :bee:

    You gotta attend lots of tournaments!
    well i use snake....
    and i use him at tournaments.......

    So i guess that means your talking about me lol haha jk my snake isnt even good at all. But yeah i just thought i would let you know.
    yeah, i was just tellin you though. It could really win you a couple matches, especially in the competative scene you know? Its also really usefully and it leaves the opponent guessing and sometimes instead of leading into another grab (in your case a side B) you can you know mindgames into a smash or an aerial combo like you said
    Haha its cool man, the more people the play brawl with the better.

    Idk man i heard kevin and aaron are really good. I think they could beat me pretty good; im not that good i just get really lucky like 90 percent of the time you know. Yeah man dont you see them both after school for band? Totally talk to them and all of u guys can come to my house and we can play it would be amazing.

    Haha sorry about playin lucario and D3 i suck with them both haha. Especailly DDD i hate playin him but i thought i would give it a shot. P.S. why dont you CG with the over B with lucario?
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