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  • Ok, I'll brawl you later tonight. I need humans to brawl, and my brother is TERRIBLE at Brawl. I gimp him so easily and he complains to me how that is cheating. Then I use one of my long combos that work when your opponent doesn't have DI.

    I'll try to get on at about 8pm. I have to log out right now.
    :demon: uhh I'm a bit scared now, i just choose not to be so perfect with the grammar but if it's that big of a deal i can type this all up in microsoft word first and then copy paste.

    I'm new to computers still only been using them for two years i'm waaaaaay better at writing though also to used too my cell phone and text talk.

    grade is 9th:demon:
    I liked it when people used proper grammar...
    So uh, do you want to Brawl me right now?
    :demon: your doing it too no fair and I was meaning to yell thats why they are almost all capital and i admit i forgot the period.:demon:
    :demon: HELLO ARE YOU THERE OR DID YOU ADD ME TO IGNORE LIST plz answer back:demon:

    do you like the new way i types?
    lol, cool cool. hey i forgot 2 mention, i finally got online so i can play u soon. but yeah besides dat anything new?
    That is exactly how I feel about Ganondorf. Sometimes I think Ganon should have been the heavy swordsman instead of Ike.
    Those were some good games! Sorry I didn't see the post that said to brawl on battlefield, I was kicked off the computer.

    In my opinion, I think your best character was either Pit or Zelda. Ike is to overpowered. Your real best, is definately Pit. Oh, and the reason I kept saying SHOW YA MOVEZ as Falcon is because landing a Falcon Punch is like, one of the best things in the world. So definately choose Pit. Unless your ok with cheapness, then pick Ike. Good games!
    Indeed, I did fight you, along with my other friends. You've seemed to have developed quite a few skills while I was away.

    My one and only comment on your Lucario would be the Aura Sphere overuse. However, that can be overlooked, I suppose.
    Also, looking at the manga from serebii appearently she's 17 now so it isn't exactly loli anymore, but this could a past picture of her. >.> <.<

    Maybe not.
    I was just hungry that's why I chose it.
    Da-D-Mon-109:I can confidently say I am a Casually Compeditive Semi-Hardcore Smasher (If everyone gets banned but Ganondorf people people think that Metaknight and Snake and Marth deserve banishment only because they are too good, and the issue snowballs out of control, I will be cross with people). However, I wish to aquire the skills to become Pro. Not to want to cheat, but what would be the best way to do that, besides going to tournaments and killing every living and non-living celestial being within my grasp?

    hmm i saw that post if you wanna get that good and not go to tournys face some pros online like me or i can give you a list of names if you like.

    4.kawaii poyo
    5.oath meal
    7. crappycola ( thats me :laugh: )

    if they don't wanna play you don't beg them they usualy don't play wi-fi with just anybody if they flame you ignore em DO NOT SEND THEM A FRIEND REQUEST unless you have known them a while.

    oh don't tell em i sent ya ;) seeya later
    Our brawl is at 6pm today! Right now it is about 3:38, so we will brawl in 2 hours and 22 minutes. Or earlier if we are both on. Right now, I have to eat.
    ☆ I blame the avatar. =P ☆

    ☆ But yea, I'm a guy that's a fan of Haruhi Suzumiya or loli's. ^_^; ☆
    Whoa...you've spent about 10 minutes posting a visitor message to someone...
    Who are you going to attack with a wall of text this time?
    So, uh, I've been reading some of your posts. You also don't like using cheap tactics to win. That is why I stopped choosing Snake all the time and picked up Toon Link. Although sometimes I camp and spam projectiles when at high percents. Lucario won't be good against a camping Toon Link. Shadow Ball VS Hyrulian Shield = disappear. Usuallly when I think I'm spamming too much, I'll switch to a different tactic so the person I brawl with won't get ticked off.

    As for the characters I use, I'll probably use the first few battles with Toon Link, then Marth, then Snake, and maybe if I'm winning more, Samus. I always want to pick Samus because of her awesomeness in the Prime games, but she is so poorly represented :(
    Although, the only people I'm actually good with and study winning techniques is Toon Link and Snake. The other people I just use my own combos and moves I think are good. I pick Marth because he is fun to play with :) . Also, it is fun to mindgame with Falcon so don't think I'm insulting you if I pick Falcon after winning a lot. Falcon is fun to play with.

    I'll see you tomorrow at six. Don't let Kira get to you before I do....
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