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  • I'm in year 3 doing Business Administration. It's soul destroying lol... What about you? BF3's really fun but you won't be able to win many games unless you're communicating and/or with a good team. I'd recommend it.

    Yeah, was playing Battlefield 3 with him yesterday lol. Dunno if he still plays Brawl regularly though. Aww I don't have either of those games. My tag is B1ueStreak. Can't get on xbox right now cause it's 4.23am. And yeah same here, I'm only on the xbox now because it's winter break for me.

    I've been good thanks. Still around SWF but I don't brawl much anymore because of xbox too lol. Grey, Matt, Slader etc are still around as well :L

    Sorry about the connection, still. I do not get what's up, but hopefully some were tolerable. So many SDs, lol.:applejack: 'Twas fun, regardless.
    My apologies for the lag. x___x I would have done something to improve it, but I didn't want to waste time. If you want to play later on today, I can definitely have it go smoother.:applejack:
    Ahh! Just in time for me to run out today lmao.

    I'm kinda broke. my GT is Arcturus Stream anyway :p
    Ah, I might get Blazblue soon as well, since like everyone I know has it.

    Dinah has Blazblue on the 360 too, so you should hit him up on some matches.
    Thanks! I've been working on my Ganon online for the past week or two.
    Yea, maybe we can play again if when you get back into Brawl. We have manly dittos awaiting us. :ganondorf: And Bowser. :p

    In the meantime, I'll play twice as much and allocate half of the fun to you when you get back. :050:
    Oh, well. I hope you get back into Brawl again! In the meantime, enjoy SSF4. :3
    In case you don't check the Arena after battles:

    "GG! We had some pretty fine matches going on. Projectiles is never a good thing on Wifi. :mad088:

    Let's play again some time. ^_^"

    Nice Samus, too!
    I agree, you definately weren't playing your best. iirc, I've played you before (but a LONG time ago) and the matches were much closer. Hopefully it will be less laggy the next time we play.
    It's fine. Yeah, I could tell it was the delay that was messing up your Fox. However, your Samus still seemed good imo, but yeah, you faced a hard match-up when facing Falco, and you ended up SD'ing against my Falcon.
    Eh, I'm not really that great, it's just that I play in lag all the time so I'm used to it and can adjust to it lol. Thank you for the compliment though.
    Well, we can just play some other time then haha
    I've been working on my Peach lately. I've finally been incorporating a bunch of new things into my gameplay instead of practicing it and then getting bored lol
    In short, my Peach got better!
    Dammit! I just KNEW that once I left you'd message me lol

    I went and brawled cpus :(
    We can still brawl I guess if you're there.
    I'd love to play more, we tend to have miniscule lag for the majority and you're very fun to play!
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