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  • It's fine, really. Ever since I fought some brawler named Taps, I stopped taking Brawl as a serious game. I've been playing more of Project M, lately. I feel that the effort in my matches are more rewarding than before. I believe a second demo is coming out around the same time this year (February) if not then, then a month later. I encourage you to try it in the meantime.
    It's no problem at all! I still play Brawl and Melee competitively, and I'm starting to get into other fighters as well.

    It's been awhile since we've talked, so I hope you've been good. You need to catch me up on some crazy stories while you've been gone.
    Took your advice and posted a bit around the boards. Look at what I can do. :I

    Do you wanna see if we can brawl some time this weekend or the next? I need someone to critique my Ness, Pkmn Trainer and some others.
    OMG I haven't answered you back X__X. I'm really sorry :(.

    It's really weird that the character limit hasn't trolled us.... Maybe they did change it ^^;. It would be nice to not have to separate long messages anymore ^__^.

    lol XD. Don't worry, you know more than a lot of people XD. Most people only know Hola and Adios, and they can't pronounce "Hola" right XD.

    Yup, exactly ^__^.
    lol XD. I remember that.... It was annoying :glare:

    Ditto. You gotta <3 your Fairies :smash:

    Cry me a River is a really good song ^__^. I like it too ^__^.

    Bayonetta was an awesome game in my opinion. But some people don't like it because they say it's a lot like Devil May Cry (and that Bayonetta kind of looks like Sarah Pailin XD). But I loved the game and I still play it. It's action packed, and has a bunch of adrenaline rushes in store. And the story is also touching and actually was an enjoyable experience (<3 Cerecita, which, in coincidence, is "Cherry" in Spanish ^__^). I would recommend getting it if you like action packed fights (and super hot girls XD).

    lol XD.


    Dat MK.... It's, like, impossible to SD by accident XD.

    lol XD. Epic Yarn reference :awesome:

    Shibuya is in Tokyo. But I'm more interested in Shibuya than all of Tokyo, though XD.

    *changes mind* *plays Minuet of Forest* *talks with Saria* ^__^.

    YES!! She does deserve a fan club!!! Maybe we should make one :D!!!

    Yes, it is where Estelle comes from ^__^. I got it just for her too :embarrass:.

    lol XD. Dat Cranberry sauce is so good. It's the first thing to be gone from the table XD.

    I miss Thanksgiving..... BUT NOW IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS :D!!!!! Merry Christmas, PD4FR ^__^! Here's hoping you're Dreaming of a White Christmas ^__^.

    Are you sure you want to obliterate Sweden, the country of big-breasted blondes? :0
    I was originally going to learn them in grade order.

    Then my friend said it's more impractical than it seems.

    24 kanji later, I agreed.
    Up to you. I tried 3 a day during my kana lessons and ended up learning like two a month. lol
    Wish I knew, I was gone all day. Come back and my mousepad is unresponsive.

    Not getting a new one because I'm getting a new laptop in Jan. :V I can put up with a tablet until then.
    My laptop got **** on while I was away. (not literally) but the mousepad no longer works -_-

    Have to use my graphics tablet... good thing I have it too otherwise I'd just have a keyboard.
    More score = slow down. Higher WPM = Speed up. :p

    Also flash hack. But that defeats the purpose.

    I'm restricted by a mouse. =\
    It's based on the concept of Spaced Rehearsal. Spacing out the information to make sure you actually retained it.

    What I do in the meantime is just review old things. If there is nothing new to review I study grammar using this website
    If you're getting your radicals from RTK (remembering the kanji) or something similar - those are not the meanings of the radicals. It's just something to help you remember how the radical is written. Many radicals don't actually have a meaning.

    You have to remember which kanji make up the combinations - but many are "common sense" sort of things. If you take the words and put them together and think 2,000 years ago. It becomes rather simple.

    The Kanji for "rest" for example is the radical for "person" and the radical for "tree".
    What does a person do underneath a tree? (think ancient times)
    They rest.
    It took me no more than 5 minutes ago to realize you sent me a friend request on Youtube a while back. XD

    Of course, I accepted it. XD
    It's just different, the rules are fairly lax so it I think that makes it much more of a community thing. I think it's one of those things you either love or hate.

    And I have no idea, really. I guess just wait for him to answer?
    Some you see so often it doesn't even take effort to learn.

    Not every Kanji, but many of them. I think MOST are written using a combination of the 81 radicals (I think there are only 81 radicals? I'm forgetting the number of them..) but using stroke order and knowing the radicals (which SOMETIMES can be used like how I did Samurai, but not 100% of the time) really helps.

    私 (わたし) uses ム (mu, Katakana) as a radical - if you can see it on the right side of the Kanji.

    先生 (sensei) is a combination of 2 kanji. 先 meaning "Future" and 生 meaning "Life".
    高校 (highschool) uses the Kanji for above (高) and school (校)
    学校 (school) uses the Kanji for Study/Learn (学) and school (校)
    学生 (student) uses the Kanji for Study/Learn and Life.

    So by knowing "future" and "life" I can write "sensei". By knowing "School", "Above", "Study" I can write both high school and school. Knowing "school" and "life" I can write student.

    Kanji is really intertwined and the more you know - the faster you learn new ones. I used to have difficulty with like 20-30 Kanji and I think I know roughly 70 Kanji now and when I see Kanji I know I can figure out the meaning of the word.
    Probably well over 100,000 Kanji in existence. Of those - to be fluent - you need to know about 2000. Of those you'll probably use around 1,600 rather often.

    People overrate the Kanji, and by no means am I saying it's easy either... but they are easier than most people think.

    For my first week I did nothing but study Japanese day in and day out. Memorized Hirigana and like 20 Kanji in that week alone. Slowed down since then however because Katakana was unmotivating for me and Kanji are difficult.

    私 <-- Me/I
    円 <-- Circle/Yen
    鏡 <-- Mirror
    抽象 <-- even most Japanese don't know this kanji. it means "abstract"
    人 <- Person (doesn't look like this handwritten)
    侍 <-- Samurai XD
    赤い <-- Red
    日本語 <-- Japanese language
    日本 <- Japan

    I could go on but then I'd really feel like I'm showing off. XD but here is the secret:

    Samurai consists of the radicals (think symbols with meaning, although not every radical has a meaning) for "Person" and "Temple" (Hito and Tera respectfully)

    Samurai is "Person Temple"

    So although Samurai looks complex, it's just a combination of two Kanji I already know. :)

    tree, forest, and woods is HILARIOUS for the kanji. :V

    Tree = Tree Kanji (I can't remember it right now... ^^;)
    Forest = Tree Tree
    Woods = Tree Tree Tree

    I see you managed to add me. ^^

    Just remember, try to visit daily - even if it's for 5-10 minutes (this is what I do... my study sessions never take more than 10 minutes :x) and don't give up. :)

    Japanese is a very tough language... and when you get into Kanji and need to learn 2000 Kanji it gets frightening... however there are SOME rules for Kanji which I can help you with when you get there. :) Makes them easier to figure out/remember.
    No no no, that's the default thing.

    There is "Goal Mode" and then there's this other one where you set a "Learn it by this date" sort of thing... which lets you cram and it doesn't work anywhere nearly as good. But that's a custom setting that you have to actually seek to do.

    If you just start the goal and do it, that's the default mode.

    All of them have that Goal Profess = _% thing anyways. It's just telling you it doesn't think you've mastered the lesson yet. (And 100% doesn't mean you have it mastered either... I still review my Kana now and then even though it's at 100% for Hirigana)


    Feel free to follow me and I will do the same. :)
    lol pretty much xD
    I got infinite rare candys and I used Action Replay obv. :ganondorf:
    You want some of the blame...then you can pay for ganon's dry cleaning <.<
    Lol ;<_> JJ was mad trolling me as Ganon :mad088:
    But I don't wanna <.<
    Pfft he can't even cannonball from the top to the lake without dying;try me he'd probably fall too slow :sonic: to hit me if I even moved 1mph :mad088:
    No problem :3 lol
    No sooner poo <3,aww well looks like I have something to look forward to this weekend x3 lol
    And sawwry about that I level grinded and abused many stat raising items :B loljk
    Yup and I died twice cause of the current dx
    The first stock I was doing so well too...then I rode the current offstage xD
    First time I did it I was like "err..o.0 " the last stock one I :facepalm:
    Lol More like It will never recover...like Link :laugh:
    the $4 for 3 months is well worth it if you stick around the Disco Room.
    Some people are turned off by it though, it's definitely different.

    You could try winning that contest Mr. Old Man has in the SIC, too
    Oh, it's a spin-off from my way old username, NAKEDeDeDe.
    An abbreviation/a new name at the same time, I guess.
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