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  • I don't think any of my pools matches were recorded..
    (I got a really hard pool: me, Axe, The Good Doctor, Little England, Eikellmann, X(really good underrated player, got 2nd seed in our pool), and some random dude named kzez)

    I got 4th seed in that pool, and I honestly expected to get wrecked by every single one of those players, but I actually did much better than I thought. Too bad only the top 3 made it out of pools though :p

    Although my tournament matches weren't recorded, I got a lot of footage of friendlies with me, mango, chillindude829, and meta, as well as a lot of friendlies with Vanz, and a moneymatch with JCaesar (which went a lot better than I expected). So yeah, keep an eye out for that when I get around to uploading those if you wanna see some more of my toon link :p
    I have not, but if you share-screened with me on Skype I could easily show you how to do it.

    IIRC, I had over 50 layers for this sig.
    I use a combination of things and switch whenever I get bored lol (usually Photoshop, In-Design or Illustrator). For that particular sig, I used Photoshop :)
    Well, for fighting sticks I'd recommend either a SF4 Mad Catz stick or a Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA (HRAP3 V3SA) which is the one I own, the buttons are made from SANWA which is what's considered the best, and it is from my experience, no stiffness and very responsive.

    As for ranks, yeah, I'm pretty good with Kyo myself, even though I'm far better with Mai, even Daimon, well; at least that's what the rankings say. :/

    As for a balanced team? Well, if you are thinking of using Yuri then I'd go with Athena simply because by the looks of it, Yuri looks like a BEAST in this game, if you have full drive and 3 meter because of Athena, that's usually a guaranteed kill and since Athena Doesnt really need a meter with Yuri around and is somewhat annoying, I'd say she would cover it just fine, but I still would suggest Iori with flames since he would basically fill any doubts or troubles you may be having with any other character, at least if you plan on picking up Terry and Yuri lol... :grin:
    Well, my team consist of Mai, Kyo and Daimon, when it comes to Neo Maxes though, it's tough since you constantly have to watch the meter and often times I end up using the HD meter for cancels when I'm in a tough spot, and since Neo's are the s most costly type of move in the game; it's tough to manage when to use it or not.

    As for Neo Cancels, I'd say your best bet is to use it while on the offensive, I try not to block which isn't really recommended when attempting since you won't be able to properly perform one, although this property can be turned into a useful Option-Select by buffering a (EX) Special Move behind other Specials. If the first special is blocked or whiffed then it will not be Drive Canceled. If the opponent is hit, then the buffered Drive Cancel will automatically activate and hit the opponent, I typically use this and apply it to make frame traps more damaging or to make low-damaging approaches stronger, in my case when I use Mai, I use the Musasabi no Mai (Air + ) move against an opponent and then input Musasabi no Mai (Air + + ) which results in two outcomes which either my initial dive could be blocked by the opponent or whiff due to spacing in which Mai would recover from the dive as normal, or on hit Mai would Drive Cancel her first dive into her dive which allows for a juggle followup, it a little tough but I'm getting the hang of it, I haven't tested it with Yuri, although it shouldn't be too tough if you manage to properly apply it and manage your Neo gauge.

    Some Neo Maxes are really good which result in great fullscreen punishes for projectiles (Kyo, Maxima), which are kind of hard to pull from my experience, some are outstanding anti-airs (Iori, Maxima), some are instant command grabs (Duo Lon, Ash), and some even counter moves (Daimon, Elizabeth). It's tough but I've managed to semi master certain Neo's, one I can certaintly use is Mai's . :cool:
    Well, I use pads but tbh, aren't as good as using hori sticks, it's tough but the results are worth it, and I feel satisfied whenever I beat someone using them, it's fun.

    Yeah, the metagame is really something to talk about, the offense and speed is different from say SSF4 or UMvC3, I mean I like those as well, but KoF just has something special that makes it so darn addicting and differinciates it from other fighters, it's amazing, it's a shame not many are willing go make a switch or even give it a try.

    I definetly must face you sometime, are you any good? :)

    Edit: Oh yeah, FFXIII was awesome IMO, not as good as say X but still enjoyable for me to like it, I had my copy pre-ordered and I'm picking it up today. :D
    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!!

    Did you say you play King of Fighters XIII??

    OMG!! Please tell me you play it on the PS3, I actually play it all the time as well, i've been playing it since launch and it's addictively awesome, Mai is great.

    I play lots of other fighters as well but so far KoF is what has me hooked aside from the upcoming SC V and FFXIII-2. :p
    Hey there, I'm doing great, what about yourself?

    I don't believe i've seen you much before.
    It's been a long time! I wonder if you guys even remember me. xD Most of my time has been stolen by offline friends, hence my absence. I don't really play much anymore, so I probably couldn't critique you very well or even put up much of a fight, but once I finally get my Wii hooked up again maybe we could mess around a bit sometime. ;)
    Perhaps I can when I'm not so busy :( I've got a lot to do this next month.
    Hey sorry for the super slow reply. Well, it's very hard IMO to find a controller at a local game store, but you should check online. :)
    Lol, this isn't working Red. xD We keep getting on when the other isn't on.

    How about this: We just forget about it for today and try to play tomorrow.

    Today just isn't our day. =)

    I'll see you tomorrow, or if not tomorrow, some other time. ^_^
    Actually, I've been helping with stiuff around the house, and I happend to leave the computer on being logged in and all.

    I think I can go a couple of rounds now.
    I'm going to see a friend for a while.

    It's around 3:30; where have you been? Are you scared? :awesome:
    Oh, by the way, it would help if you could send me a PM when you're getting on. That way, if I'm still on SB, I'll know when to get on Wifi. ^_^
    Check the Meet and Greet Thread. I think you'll enjoy what I found you. <3
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