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  • Weird to be back after a long 4 year hiatus! Man time flies.
    Welcome back! I've returned since the announcement of Ultimate. You came back at a decent time though, we should be getting details for Hero sometime late next week/start of next month.
    You main Shulk now?

    You're from Houston? Duuude, if you're going competitive you should head for them tournaments
    Yo Omega; if you ever do come back, you should hit me up sometime. :T I'm sure everyone here misses you too.
    Mmm. I understand. I'm on and off the boards for periods of time myself, although, I have been checking it a little more lately. I'd say we're at least in the conversation for being "vet" posters, coming before the Brawl wave and what have you.

    I've had my ups and downs. I've been B-Boying ("Breakdancing") more often than not. As for video games, I recently had purchased Xenoblade Chronicles to occupy myself with (excellent game so far). Other than that, just life situations, you know?
    I miss you so much now that you've been gone for so long. :)

    You were awesome in the SSB4 Wii-U board, even if you got a little derpy (all of us did).
    My friend. . . How has life been, lately? How have you been occupying yourself?
    I meant, I thought you were an acquitance of mine from college. Not someone who I'd necessary want to become "friends" with. (I hope this makes sense...)

    And did you send another friend request on FB yet?

    And you wouldn't dare!!! Or would you...........? :smirk:
    You know it, now I'm scared to wake up one morning and have a pink username color. :p

    I'll accept it once it shows up, I thought you were someone from my college who I didn't wanna talk to, haha.
    You wouldn't dare!!! D:

    And on Facebook? I remember declining a friend request a few days ago on that site. =/
    Glad to hear you like it, this is the 2nd time which I've pranked you. :laugh:

    Stuff happened. And why haven't you sent me a friend request yet?!?!?!?
    I actually prefer seeing you with the normal username color, it goes well with your current avatar. :3

    Yeah, I don't really post in the DR that much anymore, I mostly lurk the few good threads which that room offers.

    Really? That'd be swell, btw check your PMs.
    My freemium expires on 3/4/2012 (5 days) but I don't plan on renewing it for...reasons.

    The only way I'll ever post in the DR after the 4th is if someone buys me some more. :smirk:
    Hmm... I'll try what you suggest. Though I'm running low on money this week, so I'll pick Iori up later. Whenever I get time either tomorrow or the weekend, I'll do a rank match just for placing area.
    Sorry to break the bad news to you but...Super Mario 3D land is only SP. :(

    Eh, I'm approaching the Wii U with cautious optimism, I wanna see how much it costs and what it's launch library is.

    You should buy the old games such as CoD4, MW2 and Black Ops. Avoid MW3 like the plague.
    You and me both. I hope it's good!

    Buy Super Mario 3D Land, my older bro has that game and told me that it's awesome!

    I'll add you tomorrow, you into CoD btw?

    Uh, the spawns and maps suck. The game is also boring too. :c
    Hmm, I'll need to take some more time to perfect it then. I've been trying to locate a fight stick, and a lot of the results have been saying that Madcatz SF TE fight sticks are the way to go. Would you probably suggest the same? My game says my best performance rank was with Terry, so I'll pick him up too. I like his style considering that not many fighters in a fighting game use a mixture of martial arts to their favor. Although if I don't get Iori with the flames anytime soon, I probably would need someone to balance out the tank/approach type team I'm going for. Who would you suggest to balance that out?
    Yeah man, he doesn't seem to follow directions/rules very well, you know?

    And nah, that's Twinkie.
    Yeah the social group is a haven.

    I'll def be there for E3.

    Nah haven't touched much outside of smash because I don't really have time.
    Yeah, I talked a few people into trying it out. A lot of them said it was definitely worth their time.
    I wouldn't consider myself all too good. I just got into it recently, myself. I have a soft spot for Yuri so I'm probably going to use her for my main team. Speaking of which, I should probably do a rank match sooner or later and see where I place. But just to be safe, I'll be purchasing Iori with the flames around this weekend since he covers a lot of my offensive chasing. There's one thing I'd like to ask you though; have you've been able at all to perform a Desperation move into a Neo Max Cancel? That's the only thing I don't know how to use at all. The other thing was probably the HD cancelling. Is there any proper/effective way to using that?

    As for XIII-2, I just figured out it was coming out today... lol. I'll buy it between next month and March.
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