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  • I'm still waiting for them to release/localize AAI2 in NA tho. :glare:

    And yeah man, on the iOS. I hope AA5 is released in NA for the DS and 3DS to maximize sales. You haven't played the 3rd one yet??? What is the matter with you? D:

    Yeah man, I've seen the trailers, I'm hoping someone dubs the movie so we can actually understand it. =/
    Yeah, something got to change if I only have one year left in this house right? Hahaha

    Haha I stopped playing around the time you left :p Oh word pics of you and your girl? Sounds good. I might some recent ones of me and mine a little later this week. Actually Valentines day sounds good since I'll be surprising her with a (either Monkey or Pig) Plushie since she likes those.

    Well I'm going to bounce, time for school. Talk to you when I get back.
    Yeah really is that bad :smirk:

    Haha me? Well I've been doing the same as you, working out since drumline ended, still with my girl. I think it's been 5? months since we started dated so we are about to hit the half a year mark. Let me tell you homie, this is the longest relationship I've ever been in. Truth be told I never thought I'd hold one this long because of my personality but she's different and I love that and her :)

    I just started playing competitively again about a month ago but surprisingly my skills didn't degrade and I've actually started improving again. I got two big tournies I'm getting ready to go to. First one, Salt Mines III, is a week away, and BullDog Brawl (it's featured on this site! haaa) is two weeks away. So I a lot going on including the fact that I just got the okay from my parents that I can start going to Out of State tournies.

    For all you know I might show up for (W)Hobo. ;)
    You probably won't believe it but that thread has gotten so crazy I decided to bounce about a week ago lol. How have you been homie?
    You're in luck. I play KoF on PSN. Though I feel like I haven't settled with a definite team quite yet. I recently unlocked Saiki a few days ago, but I still may play more as Ash than him for a little while. The game itself is great; its speed and offensive metagame is something I'd truly play more often than some of the newer gen fighters. The only problem is that I feel as if I can't get into the game as well as everyone else. Using the analog stick on the PS3 controller sucks. What do you use?

    EDIT: I played the XIII-2 demo; probably the best five hours I've ever waited for on a demo yet. It's well done.
    I started to post a little more recently. I'm still working on moving around the boards a little bit.
    In other news, I've been playing KoF XIII. It's a pretty fast game and I recommend it if you're going for something different in your fighters every once in a while.
    Did I tell you that Capcom FINALLY announced AA5? Check out the PW thread in the LH for details!

    And nah man, not tonight. Gonna be busy tonight and tomorrow. But I'll let you know the next time I'm free to talk! :)
    Welcome back, dude! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! :)

    I sent you other VMs in the past in case you missed 'em.
    Thanks, same to you too! ^^

    We need to keep in touch, you have a FB? I asked your brother, sw96, but he didn't know.
    Well, actually, there were a few notable things:

    -Such as Miyamoto sending Sakurai a copy of Super Mario 3D Land with some kind of note attached to it

    -There may have been another third party character that was gonna make it in Brawl (which could have been Geno), but Sakurai didn't have time to sort out the legal issues, so he had to be scrapped from the roster

    - Miyamoto's retiring from his current position (he will still be withiin Nintendo as a game developer though) and that he wants to be at the "forefront of game development again"

    That's pretty much it, unless you consider flame wars worth noting :laugh:
    O I just played a dragoon in an mmo I played and got him very high lv. It's a sick title. :)
    Hey there, I don't see you around very often. We should chat again soon, it's fun talking with you :)
    I think he is one.

    Though, this "high risk, high reward" playstyle is not confirmed. He might play like a battery character or something imo

    Nick's level 3 deals 600,000 damage....

    Holy ****

    A - Paperwork - Direct - Front
    B - Press the Witness - Direct - Front
    Y - Get 'em Missile! - Shot - Front (hit's low)

    • Three different modes.

    • Investigative Mode, Courtroom Mode and Turnabout Mode.

    • Investigative and Courtoom Mode's can be switched between by press Down, Down+S

    • Turnabout Mode can only be activated with the correct evidence and from Courtoom Mode.

    Investigative Mode

    • Only has one special move during this mode, he will bring out Maya to help.

    L - Maya puts up a deflector.
    M - Maya slides hits low and OTGs.
    H - Maya does same slide as M, but slides for a bit longer.

    • Cannot call Maya out while she's already out, if you do Phoenix Wright will slip and fall (same properties work with the super)

    • Find evidence by pressing S+A.

    • If you've collective correct evidence it will light up, if wrong it will stay dark.

    • Throw evidence by press S+A again.

    • When looking for evidence you can find meat, it will heal Phoenix Wright.

    • There are around 15 different pieces of evidence currently.

    • Can gather evidence in under 1 second if you're lucky.

    Courtroom Mode

    • Gives a different set of specials.

    • Pressing S+A will create a projectile based on your evidence for that button, all of the evidence has different properties.

    • Can do a "Hold It" move and it will randomly stun the opponent.

    • If you land an H (Objection) while in this mode and you have the correct evidence you will then powerup into the turnabout mode.

    • If you have wrong evidence when you do an objection, you will turn purple and start to sweat, i.e. be stunned for a little bit.

    Turnabout Mode

    • You have a time limit in this mode.

    • Every normal produces a giant finger hitting 3/4 the screen.

    • If a jumping finger hits it will cause ground bounce.

    • Using the level 3 will use all your evidence so you'll be reverted back to investigative mode.

    • The timer for this mode will not deplete while tagged out.

    Hyper (Super) Moves

    • Maya's hyper can be used in both Investigative and Courtroom mode.

    • Judge Gavel hyper can be used only in Courtroom mode also OTGs.

    • Level 3 hyper can only be used in Turnabout mode, hits basically entire screen and will OTG. Doing 600,000 points of unscaled damage.

    Normals & Throws

    • Every normal has a ridiculous amount of animation.

    • Launcher has about 48 frames of animation.

    • Short dash.

    • Forward + M will do a buttslam that's an overhead, can cancel with other normals.

    • Can combo by himself after throw in corner without OTG.

    • Midscreen he can call Maya to OTG, with assist can continue combo.
    So here's some stuff from capcom unity

    Intense study of both PW and Nova's trailer (yeah, Nova was the match-up with PW. Gives credence to the idea the Frank and RR will be revealed later in the NYCC) gives me some insight into some mechanics.

    PW's big notes are the bars above his super gauge - one with three larger sections and a smaller section and another gauge that only appears when the top one is filled. The top one incorporates evidence and Phoenix's current "Turnabout Conviction", so to speak. It appears you need three pieces of evidence (which can be thrown at the opponent, apparently) and need to land PW's "Objection" before this gauge is filled. After this, a three-section gauge appears below the Evidence Indicator and runs down, presumably simulating the three day time limit on trials in the source material. The music may pick up tempo at this point or not, I'm not quite sure.

    As for how he plays, I couldn't get that good a bead on him. Combos seem to feature greatly and he may have a trick or two up his sleeve, but he doesn't look like he rushes or projectiles very well. Should be interesting to see his playstyle unfold.
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