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  • late happy birthday apparently lol. <3
    Anyways I've been doing good as of late. I'm hyped for the release of DkS 2 on the 11th. What's new with you?
    Well, I used to like my job haha. Then my manager who I really liked left, and we got someone else and I do not like him whatsoever. He's very lazy, doesn't do things correctly, and is killing the store in general. So I never really ever have any desire to go back to work and it's been that way for a very long time.
    Good job on trying hard in school though, that's important. Honestly fairly excited for the day that I get to go back to college and such, would hate to be stuck in this line of work.
    Hi Jason~
    I've been fine, just been working a lot as usual, but I think I might leave that place soon and am looking at other places to work at.
    How are things with you? Enjoying your last semester of school?
    Hiiiiii :p
    I've been good, haha, nothing really has changed besides going to work a lot. Working a lot of hours this week so I've been kinda extra tired. How have you been~
    I'm alright how are you? *huggle*
    It's convenient that you caught me while I was here today. XD (Hadn't been online for an entire month.)
    Oh very nice! I have always wanted to visit Seattle/Washington in general. I'd love to see what all of the forests and such would look like, since I've basically never even seen an actual forest before since Arizona barely even has trees. :p Glad you're enjoying it, though. Also, are you still around on MS? Or have you moved onto another game? :p
    Hiiiii~ :p I've been well. I've just been working and such almost every day of the week and otherwise just relaxing. How has your summer been going?
    Those berserker users, god, what was WM thinking giving zerk that air attack. Everything is jump, hold D, repeat.

    Please, no need for that mate~
    if anyone has reason to be sorry it's me...

    Sorry if I brought up any unpleasant memories. Tbh, I understand how that is...only... With just about anything scary xD

    (Especially Demons...plz, no x_x)


    I'm glad to hear that all is well <3
    Things are pretty chillax here also.
    Hey! Wattup, sir Dragon Cannon? <3

    Say, I was wondering... In the event of a zombie appocalypse (which is totally gonna happen btw)
    would you be interested in joining a super secret anti-zombie agency?

    Only the best of the best are offered a chance to join of course.

    ...And naturally very few have ever heard about it (which is strange since I'm posting about it on your VM page for everyone to see...)
    .... Do you know how big of a deal being diamond is?

    anyways no. He bases everything on intelligence charisma and lying and such. I basically talk my way out of EVERYTHING and get people to kill each other manipulate and what not... Also I crit on a 15. :p
    YUP! and guess who got diamond?
    <--- em ellll geeee

    Btw I'm making a dungeons and dragons character based off of hazama. :p
    I have the feeling it's going to work out splendidly. >:D
    Oh cool. I just finished my last day of high school today. I'm exited to get a job and car so I can start taking part in the smash community instead of just lurking online. It will also be cool to get to go to convention and other stuff. I wish I could go to EVO but it's really unlikely at this point :( . Are you going to EVO?
    I've been doing good... I guess.
    I've reached mlg status in monster hunter <w<
    Solo abysal lagi... axer master and dual sword champion. <3
    Top time for nargacuga in arena with dual swords too lol. (solo)
    Yeah, I don't think yhe new Buddy system tranferred over too well :p

    Doing exceptionally well actually. I literally woke up in an extfemely and yntypically good mood, and decided to hug just about everyone on my BL lol.


    Mmm... Out of curiosity, do you play LoL?
    I haven't had a chance to try it myself, but I've been hearing some pretty good things about it.
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