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  • To answer your question over at the Zelda U Hype Thread, yes, I am the same person that posts over at ZU. I've recently come back there last month after not posting that much last year.
    Hi There! We played on for glory I believe. Kirby/Robin player. You used Sheik/Shulk right? Play again sometime :)
    Jester Kirby
    Jester Kirby
    Wii U upgrade is done and done! So much better with a game cube controller! HMU man, nintendo ID: JesterKirby.
    Found ya! This is Remziz4, we played on For Glory the other day and had some amazing matches. I was the Marth/Lucina and I played against your Sheik , I think our set count was 5-5. If this is you, and I think it is, let's add each other and play some more matches!
    Cool, glad I was right. Not quite a pro, but if you followed competitive Brawl at all, it's likely my name came up a few times. I'll add you as well, hit me up for some matches some time!
    Yeah, I'd wish they'd upscale Skyloft. And yeah, I trust Sakurai, although I'm worried about his roster choices now, especially with that rumor being probably true. I think having Namco Bandai instead of Game Arts can only be a good thing in every feasible way possible.
    Well the characters have left graphical detail, so it would still probably be about 2GB with 50 characters (including transformations). As for the rest of the game, the graphics won't be as much graphical capacity (ie: stages, items, NPCs). It's really the extra content and the planned singe-player mode that'll be cut down or made DLC probably.
    That's definitely a positive, as is the balance of the two. I really appreciate him for doing that, and for fixing Brawl issues. Also, a lot of stages are literally just imports (ie: Skyloft is straight up from Skyward Sword).
    Yeah, the Brawl roster = ~2GB of memory, and judging how many of the models are ports of the Brawl models but with less detail, I'd say that a 50 character roster would equal about the same amount.
    And yeah, the rosters will still be the same, maybe minus like the IC or the PT getting changed/cut.
    Also, DLC could always save us, by allowing us to download past 8GB of memory.
    That's exactly my thought as well, moreso with the Mii and Villager. Most of us assumed if we got one, the other would be a no show.

    And yeah tripping is gone, but Sakurai is running into programming/limitations issues for the 3DS Smash. As usual, people panic, say the roster is compromised, not realizing that the roster takes up at most 1/4th the memory, and rule out (free) DLC to expand the memory limit.
    Well, the thing is, he might have insider information (IGN confirmed the Wii Fit Trainer awfully fast), but I think that the Miis will be just masks for the Villager like in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

    As for Little Mac, the trailer had that stage that looks like a Punch-Out stage. In regards to Pac-Man, he's a global icon, so him in smash is highly likely.
    Also, the Miis moveset was borrowed by the Crosser, who uses moves from Wii Sports like a bowling ball, boxing gloves, etc.

    If I'm right and the Mii is a skin for the Villager, and Little Mac and Pac-Man are playable, that's cool. If the Miis playable, IMO that's a waste of a spot, albeit it's possible.
    So in some ways, the Miis seem to look "deconfirmed," but with Sakurai using the Miiverse and whatnot and the confirmation of those 3 characters, that kinda deconfirms the deconfirmation! XD
    Yeah, the 3DS' graphics look about as good as Brawl's, minus the white outlines (which is there to differentiate characters and for the 3D effects). As for the Wii U Smash, it looks pretty much what everyone could have hoped for. No more dull Brawl colors, lots of color, lots of flavor, and lots of attitude.

    The 1st 2 newcomer reveals were great, but the timing for the Wii Fit Trainer was awful.
    I think the Smash 3DS might come out earlier than Smash WiiU. Newcomers seem to be less of the focus especially since we aren't getting 16 or 17 again.

    And there was a group of people in the pre-Brawl release days that thought nearly everyone was cut, including Bowser. There was a huge group of people who thought Samus was out in favor of Zero Suit Samus, LMAO! People nowadays don't believe that, but it's true!!!
    I also think we'll likely see some several veterans along the way to dispel idiots from saying stuff like "BOWSER'S GETTING CUT" as well as highlight what I previously mentioned.

    As for Mewtwo... he could be there (in his new transformation with his original form being an alternate appearance, much like Wario Ware/Land Wario). I wouldn't rule that out by any means.
    I don't know, I think if we get a trailer it will mostly be a presentation of some sorts revolving around the two new games' unique identities, the incredible leap forward graphically from the minimalist Wii to the 8th gen WiiU, to the surprising graphical capabilities of the 3DS, to some new stuff, items, returning characters, and how the series is moving forward.
    Yeah, I got a good feeling about Shulk, but my opinion is that unless we get a few newcomers (I would be surprised if we got more than 2 by the end of E3), he'll probably be saved for a Dojo.

    I think aside from K. Rool, the only other obvious newcomer early is Mega Man and mayyyyybeee Ridley.

    And yeah, Brawl's reveal and speculation pushed me to go from 2-year long lurker to member, lol!
    You know for whatever reason I think K. Rool will be the first newcomer revealed. I just can't shake that feeling.

    And yeah, this place is already picking up. Lots of new people (who aren't always the brightest! XD), but a few of the somewhat dormant posters like myself, disfunkshunal, n, etc have come out of the wood works, and I got a feel it is just the beginning.
    Shulk would be an incredible reveal, and yeah, it's getting pretty hype!

    I still gotta finish my Smash WiiU/3DS character predictions, and something tells me this place is about to go crazy. It is a good thing I already took over the infrastructure... secretly... XD
    Hello friend, long time no see old buddy, it certaintly has been a while since we've seen each other, ha, I myself haven't been on the boards in months xD

    I'm fine, been catching up on my studies, work & who can forget...good old video games :D

    how have you been old friend? Nice to see you're still around this age in time since I rarely ever saw you lol. I certaintly feel like a "vet" poster lol...but yes, nice to see you again old buddy. :D
    As could I scrap up money, but I'm too cheap! :awesome: As for the conference, I've heard words of it in September, but I don't expect anything to come to fruition. But if it does, it would be in late September.

    I actually think Nintendo is "holding" Zelda WiiU for a later date. Zelda 3DS... will inevitably be shown within the next year. I'm hoping it's not a remake (if we got a Majora title, I'd prefer a sequel, prequel, or expanded edition); I prefer original titles, personally. That and a Zelda game in the veins of A Link to the Past would be the best possible Zelda game IMO. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks were good, but they lacked that "epic feel" that other Zelda games had. Minish Cap had a bit of that, but it ended before it fully "bloomed."

    As for Metroid, yeah, I would love a sequel to Metroid Prime 3, especially with a potential Sylux story line. I wonder if such a title would take place before or after Metroid II (where all but 1 of the Metroids are dead). Eventually we will get a MP3 and Fusion sequel; the question is "when." Metroid in 1080p HD would be mind-blowing, especially with the great art direction the series always takes.

    Mario WiiU could be anywhere from 1-4 years into development. I think that would be the safest bet for a new major Nintendo IP to be shown soon. I wonder what direction such a title would take.

    As for the Rare being bought by Nintendo, they aren't true. Nintendo doesn't want them, and they are too busy making Kinect Sports games! :laugh: However, there are rumors (possibly valid) that Nintendo is trying to buy the rights to the Banjo franchise. Let us hope that is true. If that were to happen, I imagine that Retro Studios (with Nintendo EAD) would be PERFECT for such a task. It also would be possibly perhaps a new studio could work on it, possibly formed from the ashes of Rare. Nintendo has been expanding their studios out West, and I know Retro Studios has about double the employees it had around the release of Metroid Prime.
    Well, at least now we can confirm Marth is a princess! :awesome: And yeah, I am hyped for this game like no Fire Emblem game before it!

    Yeah, I'm still in the same boat, mostly due to money Johns. That and I fear that controllers and whatnot will take forever to buy (like with the Wiimotes, which I ultimately didn't buy a 2nd one).

    Sony and Microsoft also push the Tokyo Game Show aside, along with most game developers, lol. It's never been a big show. My feelings about Nintendo having Nintendo World in the fall is based on their past history of doing that. They've hosted that event every console launch (they like showing their stuff when only they can).

    And yeah, I think you can book a Zelda HD title that will make your eyes bleed tears of joy. Hopefully we get the same thing with Metroid (whether 2D like Super Metroid, 3D like Metroid Prime, or both). For Metroid, I am hoping for a sequel to Metroid Fusion. I want to see Samus Aran go to war against the Galactic Federation! MY BODY NEEDS IT!!!
    Yeah, like over half of the Fire Emblem Lords have been DLC in that game. Just don't look up Ike's look; it's freaking ugly. Still, it is worth mentioning that Intelligent Games considered remaking Fire Emblem 6 (Roy's game) before deciding upon making Awakening (which looks like the best Fire Emblem yet!).

    Yeah, the price of the console will probably steer me away from getting it at launch. Still, I think Nintendo is being a lot smarter with "waiting" for the release than Sony and Microsoft were with the PS3 (when it cost over $1000 to make and $600 to buy) and Xbox 360 (which was sold at a major loss).

    Yeah, graphics and engines are all gonna run on the WiiU. This isn't just a GameCube with motion controls and weak online (like the Wii). This is a brand new console that is stronger than everything else on the market. And as for games, I think we'll see some new great games shown this fall before the consoles' launch. Smash WiiU and Zelda WiiU, perhaps=???
    Everyone is all for :mewtwomelee: coming back. Opinions on :roymelee: depend how he turns out (mostly).

    As for the WiiU, it depends on the price. If it's like $350 or under, I might get it at launch, depending how much disposable income I have (which means "no"). :laugh: As for the quality, at launch it is much better than the GameCube or Wii. The GameCube only had Luigi's Mansion (Melee and Pikmin came out later), and the Wii only had Twilight Princess (which IMO lacked replay value) and Wii Sports (which only had 2 playable modes IMO). Pikmin 3 will be much better than any of those games (IMO), and Project P-100, NEW Super Mario Bros. Mii, Nintendo Land, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and lots of ports to the WiiU is much better, than, say.... Red Steel. :facepalm:

    And I am positive the console will support the Unreal Engine 4. The thing will have some serious processing power; like it could run 8 copies of Brawl at once power. The numbers I've seen so far look to indicate the WiiU will be at least 4 times more powerful than the PS3. And next generation, I think we'll see minimal graphical,

    And even if Nintendo didn't support it, it's just one engine, and there are much more frequently used engines. That engine isn't used by too many games. Maybe 5 or 6 a year, and even then, they could run on a weaker version. Still, like I said, the WiiU will be able to handle it. This isn't just another slightly stronger console like the Wii. This is a piece of hardware way ahead of the current hardware (and hardware in the next 2-3 years won't be too much more powerful).
    Yeah, I agree K. Rool > Dixie, but I think both are gonna make it, especially K. Rool. As for Geno, agreed. SMRPG is an underrated gem. As for :roymelee:, he's actually the 2nd most wanted character in Japan behind :mewtwomelee:. They really want those 2 back. Go figure.

    The top five newcomers varies a bit from continent to continent (well, North America and South America have similar opinions), but generally the 5 most wanted characters not in Brawl goes :mewtwomelee: (by far; he's Smash 4's Sonic), :roymelee:, Mega Man, K. Rool (all 3 of those characters have about equal support).

    Ridley/Zoroark usually are around 5th most popular battling for that 5th spot, with Ridley usually winning out. :) IMO both are very likely. ;)

    Waluigi sometimes creeps up there in some polls, specifically on the huge gaming media sites, like GameFAQs, GameSpot, IGN, etc. :ohwell:
    Nah, I got a arcade stick (although I recently lent it to a friend). It is just with Soul Calibur, I don't have the patience to learn all of the moves with all the characters, since I want to play as all of them. With Street Fighter, 9/10th the roster bores me, so it is easier to learn everything I want to learn! :laugh:

    Yeah, I love all the Marvel stuff in UMvC3, but a lot of the Capcom stuff is "meah," specifically the roster. Although I love the Phoenix Wright addition, even if he sucks! :laugh:

    YK. Rool is the most requested 1st/2nd party character not in smash yet. It's not hard to see why. I love the guy. I would love to see him in it, especially with that DKC2 gun. I would spam that thing all day every day.

    Other characters I really want are all the Brawl characters to return (maybe minus Pit, since Brawl Pit mains for the most part are the definition of hell), Ridley (aka the God I worship), Mega Man (I'm sure you could have guessed that), :laugh: Dixie Kong (dat hair), Mewtwo (the one character everyone wants back), Roy (with a new moveset), Paper Mario (2Dx2 perhaps), and Geno (even if he has a very minute shot).

    It seems kinda weird that most of the "major Nintendo characters" are already playable in smash. All that's really left are a few new Pokémon (as always), K. Rool, Mewtwo, and maybe Dixie Kong, Paper Mario, and Ridley. It's kinda weird how Brawl added in almost all of the big names left. :cool:
    Nah, just some of specials are hard to pull off. They require a lot of training to get it down to muscle memory. Although to be perfectly honest, with a little training, Capcom fighting games' techniques and super moves aren't that hard to pull off (maybe MvC aside). Soul Calibur... urgh. Some of those commands annoy me...

    Yeah, I played the last Guilt Gear game, and I didn't really "get it" (kinda like KOF XII). X was pretty fun, though.

    HAHA, what Capcom did with MvC3 to UMvC3 was a d**k move! :laugh: I've never been good at any of those games personally, but I am strangely good with Zero. :laugh:
    Yeah, SFII is kinda tricky. Those special attacks are a lot more complex to pull off than they are nowadays in arcade fighting games! :laugh:

    As for Brawl, yeah, that's how I feel. I won't play it competitively anymore (I rarely play it casually), aside from Project M (which is freaking fantastic).

    I played a lot of good players at that game on Wifi. At various points in time, I used to play like 3-7 different Wario players who at one point or another were one of the top 10 Wario players in the world on a daily/weekly basis on wifi! :laugh: The reason I played them was because they were some of the few people I didn't have crappy connection to! :chuckle:

    Yeah, I know that about Guilty Gear. Actually, if I remember correctly, one of the 1st 3 games were the 1st fighting games with tripping (to "balance" one of the OP characters).

    And nah, I have only played SFxT a couple of times. Not enough to get into it. But I have played UMvC3, and I rather liked it, mostly because I like to spam Zero, Akuma, Wolverine, and Magneto! :rotfl:
    HAHA, probably true, but SFII is always the best (at least in my heart!).

    Yeah, I haven't played much Guilty Gear, but what I've played, I've liked. I do love me some Blaz Blue, though.

    Your story with Brawl kinda sounds like mine. Of course you remember I was a huge Toon Link fan. Toon Link was actually the only character I used in tournaments. I ended up stop playing every other character entirely after a while. But anyways, in my 1st tournament, I won 3 matches, to a bunch of (previously regionally ranked) players who didn't use Meta Knight. Then I ran into Meta Knight n00bs, and they beat me. I was 1 win out of the money. :(

    After that, I only won 4 Brawl sets in 7 tournaments. I went to all the major tournaments almost exclusively. The people were fine (minus some of those Pit mains, but that's because they're Pit mains!). After like 3 tournaments, I stopped loving the game, and I only loved Toon Link, his moveset, and his play style. In the end, that wasn't enough to keep me going. So, I quit Brawl about 3 years ago.

    However, I got into going to Melee tournaments about a year ago, and I've been all into it for about a while. It feels a lot different playing a game because you love the game (as well as the character you play) than just playing for the one character. It makes Melee a whole lot more enjoyable than Brawl for me.
    Late responses are fine bro. No problemo. ;)

    Yeah, the Street Fighter mechanics are a bit "odd." Truth be told, it is easy to see why other big name games don't copy it more (although lesser known fighter games ought to copy some elements from it more often).

    Also, is the reason you don't play smash much anymore because of Brawl=???

    The overhyping of Brawl seems to be why most people stopped playing smash or don't play it as much these days. :ohwell:
    HAHA, yeah I've played SFII and IV a bit, but I've been playing a lot of Melee (and recently Project M) at tournaments.

    Nothing like getting your butt kicked by great players like Shroomed without a whimper! :laugh:
    Alright bro just send me the clips either recorded or ill record em for you
    Well that's good, I do play Guilty Gear X AC from time to time, it's decent, what about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Do you still play it? I recently started playing my Wii again and had gotten a bit rusty, but it's all good.

    As for MvC3 I main Ryu,Dante, and Magneto, I'm not as good as I woul like but I'm getting there.

    I miss tappy lol..
    Most definetly, glad to see you are still around and not dead lol... :)

    I will admit, I don't Brawl much, but it's still alright.

    What I mainly focus on nowadays is Blazblue, MvC3, Arcana Heart 3 and a bit of Mortal Kombat 9.

    I will tell you that my skills aren't all that sharp, but I do manage to beat the average scrub lol...
    Thanks for the kind words, dude!

    And sure. I'd love to play you. :p I plan on attending Viva La Smash III this weekend, if you plan on going there.
    Nahhhh, just being honest. Be sure to test, thats the most important thing ever.
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