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    So I herd you use Corrin.
    Hey dude :p Wanna join doubles for P:M? C:
    That's good to hear. I'm starting to get busier with Brawl since I'm a TO with an actual organization now. It's insane.
    I'll hopefully be able to add you soon, but i have no idea how long it will be til i get my Wii back(from my parents), it could be tomorrow.. or it could a month(i have no idea), my parents are spontaneously nice, but also spontaneously evil..:0
    hold attack and jump so you can boost pivot walk, dash around like a mad man and true pivot while flicking back on the c-stick and then(with tap jump on) dash and jump in the opposite direction with the control stick....Boost pivot-true pivots is the future in brawl mind****ing ;)
    Can you make a vid for a true pivot using Wolf's Fsmash and Dsmash? I want to see the godliness/usefulness before I implement this.
    Glad to hear, haha. I'll submit my registration right now then.

    Sounds like a plan; I'll be available tomorrow evening (about 6-8pm) and around the same time for the rest of the coming week, so I'll go ahead and give you a shout when I'm ready to hop on the ladder chat for some practice.

    Edit: Just registered. We're good to go!
    Hey bro, hopefully you're able to get back to me in time today before registration closes but do you want to team for Pound? I'm not going to register until I have a good partner for doubles that can hold their own and I don't have to babysit. I use Pikachu/MK (and some occasional Peach) in dubs and I'm a strong stock tank, Shugo can confirm.

    Hit me up when you get this, thanks.
    I remember u. We did a ladder match on aib! I just used Peach and we started off on smashville. u played mario that match. then we went to jungle japes and u switched to link. i won that time. Finally we went to Pictochat and then at the beginning of the match i had to leave. i was gone for longer than i thought i was going to be too :(. hopefully next time we play, its uninterrupted lol
    lol but im pretty sure hes used to just simply psing it (that's what inspired me to get better haha) but mario works too. does he really go gaw in tourney? O_o
    so im guessing you want me to give you luigi practice cuz boss went overrape on your marth? aha. jk jk, but how was your set against him?
    heya Bengals. I was wondering if you could help me learn the Marth MU with ZSS since i will never play marth with Lucas/GW ever x_x

    I just don't know how to play it =/
    Edit: Eh just hit me up whenever you're available. I'll most likely be online.
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