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  • sorry about missing you.
    i had to do a tournament match and forgot about it.
    Lol don't worry about it.. I've been wifi-ing for at least a year straight.. had my share of training Marth through wifi lol, I full confidence in my observation skills.. but alot of the times I can't do things I want to do since it seems my tech skill is at fault. So i figured training mode would be at it's best. (Got this from Melee articles btw <3)

    And thanks for bomb advice, l seem to like the bumper idea more, brings back N64 days and feels easier lol. I've also been working on SDI-ing with like 5 smart bombs and SDIing asap with the littlest amount of damage at best >.<.

    but yeah PLEASE MAKE A THREAD/VIDEO, I'm pretty sure myself, and alot of those wifi players would love it. Or at least make it before Saturday b4 my tourney aha. *hates getting rage from wifi*
    Hey there BengalsRZ. I lurk alot in Marth boards, btw love your guides. ^_^.

    I was wondering if you can REALLY REALLY make a vid out of training sessions, since you seem to handle training mode quite fine. I've been training to quit lagfi and moving myself to training mode w/o getting bored as hell, I mean I know alot of stuff I can practice on, but like it's just gets boring unless theres other things interesting, like you said the bomb-omb wall teching. (Btw, I'm having trouble with that, because I seem to be hitting opposite of the stage, and does it matter specficially what stage?)

    Anyways, it'd be REALLY appreciated (at least for me ;D) if you can make a guide or a video of anything from your sessions or any other tips for training mode, since I have a tourney this saturday and i'm like wasting my life at home xD! But yeah.

    another tip maybe from melee, was a motion sensor bomb and you'd pick like Falcoand use his upb and hit the motion sensor bomb and wall tech jump and instantly recover so quickly, but that was melee, dunno if you knew that just saying xD

    hope you read teh long wall of txt my bad if it was confusing lol.
    Chip, MikeHAZE and jerm all said 50-50 XD. I originally had it at 55-45 marth but I changed it to 50-50 after jerm and chip pestered me enough for me to do so. :/
    I won't be going to the c3 in july, going to otakon but I will go in august if I don't have any plans.
    Nice, keep me posted more on this. If I manage to find time before Genesis, I'll check it out, and definitely will do after Genesis.
    I dont know how to upload my wii battles on the computer. DX Could I record matches on brawl and then just send them to you via wii code?
    hey nice ladder matches earlier. We should brawl again sometime. U critique at all?
    So it would work?

    Beacause Chars like pika, fox, falco go really far with the boost pivot.

    And marth goes a pretty long distance too.

    It wouls be pretty effective to bring opponents towards the end of the stage
    hey Bengals what would happen if you applied the boost pivot grab to the retreating pivot grab?
    If you are talking about being closed, I sigged them after they were closed. If you are talking about deleted, then ****wut? They got deleted?
    You need to Step 1 Extract the .pac you want to edit, then you get a lot of pictures, find what each picture is on the character and edit those. Make it so those are what you want them like and then run step 2, test it and adjust it until it comes out how you want it (don't restart, just continue where you left off before you ran step 2).
    I could try to teach you but I'm really grounded right now (my dad overreacts, he once compared me to Hitler and Palestinian suicide bombers because I got off the computer 15 minutes later than he asked) and yeah, its much worse than that so I'm kinda ****ed...

    So the lessons may be a bit fractured atm....
    lol. nice goal. Makes me feel like people respect me or something... don't really see why XD

    Man I wish I had my liscence. :( I really need to go to more tourneys. 4 since the release of Brawl = saddening.
    You think I haven't seen that? :p

    Didn't find it interesting enough. lol

    *Considers myself the unofficial char. boards moderator* it's like... the only place I go to.. and I help out all the boards that interest me... XD
    Waiting 2 and a half hours for some guy whos driving to my house for friendlies. lol

    Also lurking around waiting for a post/topic to catch my interest.
    Nope. Just curious. I would never do it. Its too easy to be punished. If you are lucky, then you might hit the first time, but from then on things can be read. And it is quite difficult to weave into marths metagame.
    I have a small question about Marths doop walk.

    During the part where he looks back while going foreward, can you f-smash?
    freshman, i know freshman lol

    heard of michael carter, kenny langdon, or erin joyce?

    probably not :o
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