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  • I don't believe I can use the WAD Manager. I recall trying it once before. Didn't it become uninstallable past a certain System Menu?
    You mentioned in this thread you have a guide to safe upgrading to Wii 4.2? Could I perhaps get a link? I'm not too into the homebrew scene, so I'd love to have a guide explain to me what I really have to do, since most websites don't really give anything in layman's terms.

    (I tried to PM you, but it said your box is full)
    Hi, I'm trying to use some hacking programs... however I always end up failing with Brawl ISOing or what ever... I know you have all the necessary ISO files for what I need in this thread: All Brawl Files Except Videos and Texture Hacking Tools... but I can't download them all at one time. Would you mind putting them in a .rar so I can download them?
    Just thought it'd be wise to take it to messages as to not derail the trhead any further.

    From you: "I recommend installing it and just letting it be. Chances are you wont affect any IOS so using HBC is perfect anti brick protection, so just having bootmii installed is worth it."

    Thanks. Just a few questions: Where would there be a possibility of the installation going wrong? Does installing the boot2 here have the brick risk like installing Menu 4.2 does? Also, ive heard things about HBC 1.05 not working at all...do i need to worry about that?

    Point is, part of me is saying that i dont really need to change everything, as B+ is working fine. However, with this 4.2 brick scare, i'm starting to reconsider, although i'm still reluctant to install another piece of software.

    One final question: if one of my younger siblings decides to turn on WC24 for, say, the everybody votes channel or something, and then they click the big UPDATE button that pops up, does the new bootmii install protect me from any risk of bricking, or will boot2v4 overwrite twiizers' boot2?
    Ah no worries, I completely understand. I'm not going to hack my Wii since other members of my family use it and update it (I heard you guys are having some problems with 4.2). I've got important exams this year as well so no worries, you do well in them. Certainly how to interpret his data would be much appreciated though, it doesn't make much sense to me xD
    Hey, man! That website up yet? You, know, the one about installing Homebrew through an FTP server? Good thing I'm NOT updating.
    Hey there. Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if I could make a request that involves various looking into Brawl and the like

    I've been trying to find out how Peach's Turnips work (her Down Special). You're probably aware of how she can pull up various different Turnips with different faces (namely the Dot eye and Stitchface) and also can pull up a Beam Sword, Mr. Saturn and Bob-omb. Of course the latter are pretty rare to get

    Currently, the whole thing is seemingly random. I've done testing and I haven't found anything, not any kind of correlation or pattern or anything. All I know is:

    - She has a 1/58 chance of pulling up a Stitchface (from the Brawl website)
    - The item determined before actually plucked out of the ground. You can tell this because say if you pluck a Bob-omb on the edge of a thin platform, you can see the Bob-omb before it is pulled out of the 'ground'. You can't see this on solid, dense stage of course but I think this suggest that the idea is decided BEFORE Peach actually 'pulls it out' of the ground. Indeed, when I did it on the platform, the Bob-omb was waggling around in her hands the second I inputted the process and Peach stuck her hands into the 'ground' and began the item plucking process

    The next logical step is that if I can't find anything by simple testing, I should look more indepth via looking into her data or something. I know absolutely nothing about Homebrew and the like to do with Brawl so I was wondering if you would be willing to look into her Turnips for me. I know you don't main Peach or anything but its something that has really got me confused and if you or anyone else would look into this for me, I would be extremely grateful

    I'm not after a code that makes her constantly pull up Bob-ombs or something like that when she uses her Down Special, I'm trying to find out if there is a consistant way to pull up good Turnips or items in an ordinary Brawl match. I've asked Bionic Sonic to also look into this and he's very kindly come up with some data which I don't understand at all xD Hopefully he can explain it to me...there has to be some kind of pattern, surely there has to be

    If something is found...well, it could improve her metagame dramatically
    Sorry to clog up your wall like this...I hope you'll consider my request :) Thanks in advance
    Just so you know...

    what you do on your alt is applicable to your main account so...
    Well f***, dude, you gotta ask one of the admins in Forum support, I lack the powers. :p
    Um, this is the second time you've been room banned.

    Use forum disputes, anyway.
    it's not a post, it's a vm
    i delete everybody's but i'm trying to show my convo with lythium to the broom for reference purposes
    if you want your threads removed, you should contact the mods of the rooms that your threads are in.
    Lol okay then. Go out and beat someone good with jigglypuff if you think you're so good :)
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