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  • IM me if you get online by about 11 tonight. Otherwise, you should IM me sometime tomorrow.
    Overall, I'd honestly be surprised if she was since I'd never seen anything from her.

    Now, if you meant vs MK, she's probably better vs MK.
    Any chance Mikeneko would attend Apex if smashboards got a fund started for him? Or is he stuck Japan like 9b?
    I'm not sure. Jaurice told me about its existence just yesterday. Thing is, I just got a job, so I don't even know if I'll be able to go at all. Either way, I'll ask around. Calvin will be going, for sure, at least.
    Yeah man, I've already spoken to ESAM a little. I'll consider carpooling, the problem is I'm in Charleston for school (my family lives in the Clemson area and I went to Clemson for undergrad), so I don't get back up to the upstate area a whole lot. A lot of it is just when I'm free, and the only tourneys that have ended up being free for me were the GA ones. I'm def. gonna try to make it up to NC more if I can manage though. And yeah, SC is pretty much devoid of Brawl :(
    LMFAO! When I saw the thread I was like "Hey a sonic got second, wonder if he used marth" x)

    Make sure you always DI it too. He gets bair as a kill move, fair as damage racker (I forget the name of the combo, but full spin dash -> fair does like 30%ish), and nair as a kill move at 200+ percent.

    This one's a good/bad. You can hit him back out with whataver move or pivot grab it. Both require perfect timing though because he's still a moving hitbox. If you can always time it right and hit him back out without his jump, everything becomes 83406363 times easier on the following edgeguard. Mistiming the fair/fsmash/ftilt/pivotgrab and getting hit by the spindash makes me want to choke puppies.

    I do this when sonic hits me across stage. He's charging to follow up the landing, goes all the way across stage, tipper nair eats him lol. DON'T try it when he's running towards you though. Son ic can powershield -> grab it (Espy does it on command now /sadface)

    Jabbing the spin (or clanking with iSDR) is orgasmic. With consistent timing with jab punishes, the MU almost feels like a hard counter lol.

    It beats it if he does an aerial afterwards. If sonic does immediate upb, you'll either eat it or hit the spring with uair. Sonic's neutral b can also beat this (since he floats a little above tipper range). Otherwise, yea, uair/bair his aerials. Getting the bair tipper is SEX.

    Other things: If you get caught in fair, SDI towards him. You'll end up on the opposite side of Sonic (behind his back) and you can bair him back. It doesn't tipper but it's still a big punish.

    Mash out of grabs like it's IC's. Sonic has one of the best pummels. All of this throws do 10%-12%. When Espy grabs me at kill percents, he'll do 4-6 pummels and after the throw I just ate 30-40%. Its a huge damage racker.

    I'm sure most of this you already know, though lol.
    Are you going to Genesis2?

    If so, we should team to get us acquainted with the **** that will happen when I go to Clemson
    so.. my university gave me the option to choose about any other university at US.. got any idea of which one is the best?
    I just lost to a Kirby in a wifi tournament. He air camped and just waited forever for me to fall for his bair bait lol. I was keeping it even spamming tjolts but he got me off stage and I messed up my recovery. Game 2 I got greedy and he inhaled me like 3 or 4 times and spammed tjolts back. Wasn't even close. D:

    If I had won I would've faced a TL, that video on RC would've been useful lol.

    I watched the new 2v2s on that channel too, pretty amazing. C4 sticky + QAC... Never thought of that.

    And he got 2 footstools on Snake's C4 recovery in one game. lol
    but checking the upper lip of every smasher there sounds so much more epic. Plus I don't know what the word venue means :p
    I guess i will have to go by the only description of you that i have.

    A thin mustache is it? I WILL FIND YOU! I SWEAR IT.


    Its gonna be my first tournament :3

    Actually I can only play friendlies *lacks the money and motivation to actually participate in the tourney*

    I hope to see you there and possibly play a friendly or 2?
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