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  • Oh, well maybe so. I must be exaggerating like I do Falco matchups or something LOL.

    Distance aside, if you want to come over I'll play and teach as looooong as you want. =)
    You're about 2 hours from me I think? I can't make the drive out honestly because I'm saving money to fly places this summer, but if you can make it to me I'd gladly smash as long as you wanted to(and help with your gas). =)
    I had looked at his past posts after seeing him post somewhere else and thought it was funny, so I figured I'd post it there lol. It was sad to see it locked =(
    wtf o.o dude thats messed up, you should've called the cops or some ****. and lmao @ black lady
    lol well idk tell him you just want to meet up and smash and that you're only 17 or something lol
    dude everyone in the world needs some rob mu experience i'm the only one left XD but really come over sometime bro. it'd be cool to play smash w/ you
    That's always been his response but I'd rather not talk about him either lol.

    I feel like he's getting more and more related to me and my reputation. Which isn't good. I'm progressively placing higher in tourney's. What if I turn out to be a top player and his name is related to like everything I do and he doesn't even attend tourneys? lmfao
    It's a good thing that we have a strong community down here w/o the non attenders haha.

    I'm sure Kingheart will attend once I leave in Jan. but my little brother will still be attending the tourney's so yeah lol
    lol idky it's so hard for people to just play a game next to some1 lol.

    It seems like up north this isn't a problem because so many kids get out and walk through the city. They odn't mind going to a tourney.
    I think if you play this game online, you get so caught up in the ranks and winning and all that you don't realize how much of a good time this game is when you go to a tourney.

    As far as trolling him, it gets boring now. We all used to do that to GA wifiers but it's boring now because that probably scares them even more =/
    Man, that sux so bad. But if he doesn't think it'll be fun then he has no reason to come I guess lol. The entire exp. is to have fun not to win money.
    @ least it's only 1 hard class lol.

    My chemistry teacher was hatian and no1 could understand wtf he was saying. I told him he looked like Jim jones and constantly got people kicked out the class. He passed me on a whim though.
    Yeah I was just going to drive to your house, who would drive you, I could drive both of us. I would just need a bit of gas money. But just let me know the situation.
    Hey buddy, did you want to go to the that Siege tourney. Because I might drive up there and you said that you needed a ride.
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