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  • We need to have Evo-style brackets.

    Here's the tl;dr:
    The total number of entrants is split into typically four separate pools. After appropriate seeding, a standard double elimination tourney is run for each pool. The pool is run until a top four is obtained, with two on the winners, two on losers.

    Assuming the tourney had four pools, the tourney would be whittled down to eight losers and eight winners. Then, a standard DE bracket is done and we get a winner.

    The good thing with this format is that you can change how many entrants get to the main bracket, and it runs faster (pot monsters only play twice, as opposed to 4-7 times with pools.)

    If you have questions, ask me. I'm on aim, so blow it up. (On FB as well.)
    Oh of course. I've been on cruises. They're the ****.

    But the thing is 1) who would sponsor it.
    2) IT would take forever to get in touch with a cruise line manager that would allow that.
    It's worth a shot, but thats already more than Apex [IMG]
    Yeah it is.
    Or for the price of 4$ you can have the choice of a green/pink name.
    And having a cool caption under your name like i do.

    and change it whenever you want. And bigger profile pic. And it lasts for 3 months.
    I just bought premium, which means i indeed can. I get 2 a month. though i already gave mine out. Next MONTH however i have 2 more. Why, interested?
    Everyone sucks at the D3 ditto. Go to Delphino. Grab. You win.
    I don't play against many jigglys, and i've never watched other jigglies. I basically just take theorys and apply them to what match i'm playing. The thing is that with dittos, everyone has the same options, so it's all about spacing.... and pound.... and bair... and rest. lol.
    And rollout.
    Ha, i have a doubles partner too.
    I'm hoping we do a LT side event. I'd really like to do low tiers here.

    and i'm actually pretty awful at the jiggly ditto.
    But I'd be happy to play against / with you.
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