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  • Hey old frienddddddddd, remember me? Let's team for Apex.
    Hellosss, been a while xD

    I would but I have a partner already =[
    we should wifi soon if you still play wifi :p
    I stopped playing wifi about 2 years ago though, but Ill see you theres =]

    There's a big sign xD! Call me when your at front entrance to complex. 407-920-3812 i'll lead u to ryan's
    Well mink and mike went to happy hour for a while. I'm still here. Then afterwords is taco night/smash. And then mink and mike are going out somewhere. I can't go cuz i'm only 18 :p

    Kuro on mink's account.
    i missed you by like an hour =[

    are you going to be on tonight? ill try to get on if i can
    heeeey my aib isnt loading for some reason =[
    soo if you see this anytime soon I'm going to be on a bit. if you feel like playing/talking <3
    Great idea about neighbors. i went and asked and they have the same problem sometimes xD its been working wayyy better lately though but it doesnt make much sense because the wind is blowing harder than usual. Im just not going to bother with it right now and if it doesnt get better within the next couple weeks I might just switch internet service
    Yeah at night time here it is freezing like so cold you dont want to get out at a certain time of night. How would that mess with my conn though? because it doesnt really get cold in my house
    It signed me out here and I couldnt remember the pw =[

    FINALLY remembered it lol and for the past couple days it works really well earlier in the day at like 12 - 6 or 7ish then it starts lagging bad =/ do you know why it might be doing that?
    I already know how amazing you are so I have no worries :p
    and its okay dont worry about it. its selfish of me to ask you like that anyways I'll just let him know my connection wasnt working. yeah its really weird idk why I can get on and reply on my phone but when I try on my laptop it wont even load the internet ;(
    yay we gonna be ****! xP and if you dont mind could you possibly sub for me in a play offs match if they allow it?... you could team with Legan in my place if they'll let you. I'm having to use my phone right now because my connection still isn't working and probably wont work for a bit. I think the play offs match was tonight or tomorrow night
    lost connection here to but this one loads more than aib =[
    I think its the snow + wind making my internet not work right now.. and yush if you dont mind teaming with an mk :p I'll be your support and let you do aggro since youre the smarter player and much better than me <3

    we should team next ladder season if you want to like we use to ;p
    We should play dubs again sometime =3 I wont disappoint you this time lol I've gotten much better in doubles. and I cant get on aib right now =[ weather always messes with my connection in winter
    Hey are we going to team in the ladder after the april fools one? I didn't ask you for this one because you were busy with school.. and I think you will still be busy, so just let me know when you can and if you still want to xP
    lol thanks <3 I wish it was bigger so I could put it on aib xP

    btw if I don't come on for awhile, sorry =[ Right now it's like my computer fixed itself but last night it got A TON of viruses (don't ask why). But yeah I hope it keeps working but idk =/
    its just one of those days >.>
    i'm sooooo tired but i just can't sleep no matter how much i want to, and after seeing all that pound 4 stuff,,,, i want to go soooo bad D:
    thanks <33333
    sorry i got off without saying bye yesterday =[
    i was trying to figure out to make brstms and loop it right and make it loud but just couldn't figure it out, it was making me mad =/
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