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  • I've been playing for about two months now. I like to consider myself good, but I don't know.
    ... So we are just left to watching MikeHaze ****? Hmmm... looks like nobody really gives a **** anymore and Shaya is the new Pierce amirite? Maybe it's just better if I quit again lol. And yeah I just checked the new MBR but it seems like that has run out of steam. There hasn't been anything for like the last 3-4 days.

    Well... thanks for the welcome. It's warm and cozy but it sees like the Marth board that I have come back to, just isn't the same. Who knows maybe I or somebody else will discover something. *shrug*
    I see a lot of posts in that social thread tho ;)
    lol I just saw your post. Yeah I legitly did not pay much attention to smash for 2 months, but I'm back to my lurking ways now.

    Btw, why does Marth boards look like it returned to the release of Brawl? People are claiming "combos" for themselves. Besides that what's happened? I noticed I got kicked out of MBR btw ;)
    Look, I understand your frustration, I felt like that for a while. But honestly, everybody has ruts, and it's hard to get good. That's why most people aren't good.

    But, give it time, the first major hint I'd give you is have an attitude of winning. I mean, don't set yourself up too high, then you might be disappointed, which hurts. But expect to do well, otherwise it's self-fullfilling.

    Beyond that, observe, it's all about observing people.

    Also, practice. Spend time in neo's hyperbolic time chamber, I notice with your marth you seem sloppy with your zoning techniques. Personally, I spent some time just practicing them and I got like 20x better over the course of a few hours. It works.

    So yes, you can get good.
    I'm..not too sure. Right now I'm not going to many tourneys, but there are sometimes ones in Winona Lake, IN, right down the street from me. There have been a good amount of big ones there. The other big ones are usually in Ohio or Michigan, or Illinois, I guess.
    I'm a sophomore and I live in Tark. And yeah, I should've left my games back home over break too XD
    Yeah, I'm real busy with finals, I have like 2 exams a week for the next 3 weeks. I'm done with finals on Tuesday of finals week. If I'm still in town I'll play you if you want.
    Feardragon! I am on a friends comp, grounded ftl!

    I won't have much time to play on Wii anyways other than weekends so i'll try to hit you up then. I have decided to Ike main and only ike for tournaments. Maybe marth if it one of Marth's **** match-ups, but no more metaknight. lol ttyl.
    Meh you have not seen me at melee. Although it was hilarious. Anther was toying with me (literally sandbagging to no end in melee) while I was trying because I barely played melee and was getting 2 stocked with him at like 30%. Then I rested his face through the windmill. He reset the game lol.
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