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  • I don't think there's much left to do on the boards. People finally just realized to go out and just friggin play. The new MBR was kinda doomed to begin with honestly. There's not much left to discuss. But ya, I feel ya man. The old Marth Boards that made smashboards fun are long gone. =\
    lol alright I'm honestly pretty much done with smash but I'll update you on the marth boards
    -Pierce went inactive and Shaya remade MBR with much less people
    -Steel quit smash(but still mods the boards >>)
    -Mike has beaten ally at least 3 times now and taken M2K to last game of every set
    -Everyone (good enough to do anything) is done trying to progress the metagame
    -All the old marth board members pretty much post/visit less and less every day.

    Anywho wb. lol
    It sounds like just a ledgehopped bomb throw. Those are situational, because a good player edgeguarding that stage will know how to punish when you let go of the ledge. The safest way to get back on would be a ledgehopped airdodge.

    Sending the story now.
    I can't quite visualize what you mean. Could you explain it a little differently, or provide a video?


    (see, this is exactly why you should come visit us lol)

    And I don't mind sending the proper story, my only warning is that it's lengthy.
    Alright suit yourself I suppose. Unfortunate to hear you pass up, we would have gladly welcomed you. Btw, just curious, do you even know why we left? Not the rumors and chips of memories people have, I mean the full story of what happened.
    Whoa, didn't mean to offend or step on any toes xD. It's just that if these boards are revived, nothing will change - the mods will still treat Link like garbage, the admins will still not care about him whatsoever, and everything we did will be for naught. It's not a competition, it's just that Link's metagame has moved, and as a Link player, you should go to where it is in order to improve at the greatest rate. Plus, what does the actual site matter? Ask yourself, do you care about the actual boards or do you care about improving and helping others improve as Link? The answer to the latter would be to switch.
    But it's not benefiting anyone, nor is it helping Link's metagame. Why not just come and join the rest of us at AiB?
    Do you need a copy of my guide because I deleted it from Smashboards as well as every helpful thread in the last few months. Tell me what you think. I'm either gonna quit Brawl or main Falcon or Marth.
    also you spelt "note" at the end of your marth ds ledge hog/stall/stuff wrong.
    . just thought i should point that out.
    Good joke you had me going for a second but I understand I'll tear up the contact list if you want to.
    I had skill, but I was never good enough. Then I got ***** by a Snake player that basically went to his first or second tournament and used the Nunchuk set-up. I was devastated lol. So now, here I am. I want to get better. I want to be able to think. To have the great spacing I used to have, and better DI lol.

    Steel always scolds me about being dumb and I feel that I really need to improve, if for the sake that he bothers to talk to me on MSN almost daily. lol

    Haha, you now have a reputation to keep up. Don't disappoint now. Tell me if any sexy things are discovered in the MBR. You know, if you remember. I probably won't be coming back, but I'm the extremely curious type unfortunately.
    I didn't contribute much and I just spammed it really lol.

    I wasn't really knowledgeable or a good Marth even when the MBR started up, just that Pierce grouped me in so we had a good count of members to contribute.

    My role there is fulfilled and I kinda wonder if I should continue using Marth. He's rather popular so it's not like anyone doesn't have match-up exp. on him and of course I'm not too good.

    I'm soul-searching I guess. In a way.

    I am happy you came to ask me though. No homo. ^_^
    Wow. I think the spam on the marth boards went down some. I think this "nice" thing actually works.
    Eh, just busy with life, and the actual playing of Smash. I'm a master of theory fighter Brawl, but you can never have too much practical application.
    I haven't gotten any PMs from you lately, and I responded to your last one quite a while ago. What are you talking about?
    3X, can you help me with my Marth. I'm trying to make him a good counterpick for my Jigglypuff and so I want him to become almost as good as my Jigglypuff. Do you have any tips of stuff I should completely stop besides roll and F-smash, and things that might help me convert? Thanks.
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