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  • Many of these remind me why I stopped with the pkmn series. Originally I had put many hours into the series doing training or collection, and did not get much out of it. It was probably the pkmn simimulators online I found that really did me in for the series. The fact you could construct whatever you want without any work was deflating.
    I'm assuming that those VSTs are not limited to just FL Studio, and that I can just throw them onto Pro Tools instead?
    Yes, those in TP. Well, I felt taking on two or three at a time was diffcult. The only strategy I thought worked on a single one every time was shield push or the rolling attack to offguard them, then attack. Anything else got blocked. So, when you are dealing with 3 in a row, those two skills did not work well.
    Your opinion on Twilight Princess.
    The armored units. How did you feel they did in battle? I thought almost all enemies in all zelda games were more of a nuisance rather than an actual challenge. Those armored knights in Twilight I felt like an actual challenge as it seemed no single strategy always worked against them.

    Or is there a simple strategy that works that I have not tried yet.

    well, we should start something in NH, I talked to verm about the smashfest idea again, so maybe he'll do that. Hopefully.
    What peeves me off the most is there are so many cheap tactics you can use with him.

    Percent lead to planking. I remember a guy made a thread on MK's planking ability and it turns out only like 4 characters can hit him while he is planking. That and the Infinite Dimensional cape. Many of the professional MK users(even M2K) has admitted to using the Extended Dimensional Cape to get out of tight situations.

    There is no definition to planking. You can still get away with it easily. Plank until the opponent stops trying to hit you in which case you already have 20% on him. Hop back on and lure him to the edge so you can plank again.

    They've "banned" planking and the IDC but truly its just them trying to make a character worse.

    Its like telling Sagat to not use one of his moves or in Pokemon making it to where you alter a Legendary's stats to make it not as good.

    Im tired of people making MK not as good as he really is just so that he can play in tournaments. Without MK we would have a more stable and un-centralized metagame.
    I don't feel that Im going to this or that or anything. I just want people to realize how easy it can be for MK.

    I know how to play the MU right. But...its daunting when the only chance you have is if they mess up and you are flawless.
    Do you feel like im in a mindset? What mindset is that? How would I progress out of that certain mindset that holds me back?
    Go look back at our little discussion. I feel some things need to be said.

    That and I'd like to ask some questions after you've read what i've posted.
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