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  • I'm not sure exactly what your history is with that board, but I would stay away from it for now. If you feel the infraction isn't valid, post it in Forum Support, like Ankoku said below.
    I read the entire page. If you want to keep disputing specific posts, I would recommend Forum Support, since Visitor Message walls aren't exactly the most private of places.
    I would kindly show him to the visitor message you just posted and note that you just used a strawman to argue against punishing you for your constant use of strawmanning.

    In all seriousness, though, currently, the issue seems to stem almost solely from your posts in the Brawl Metagame and Ruleset Discussion section, so we were trying to find the best solution to allowing you to post there while discouraging your habit of using strawmen very commonly in your posts.
    I try not to expand on them or repeatedly use them. They're generally pretty bad. Should I infract myself?
    That was indeed strawmanning you did in that thread.

    The constant circling you've done with people is what I warned you about as well.
    The only time this would matter is if two players got #1 and #2 at one event and #2 and #1 at the other. In which case, the overall winnings should be so close that determining who's better between two people who keep trading placements wouldn't be accurate in any method, but it would pretty accurately rank them higher than everyone else. For the rest of the people placing, if MLG had a higher payout for less cost then I imagine people who are looking to win money would be more inclined to enter MLG anyway. But how is this in any way relevant? Large tournaments will separate players into tiers, not specific single rankings; just like your "method" of calling people top or high level doesn't specifically say one top player is better than another.
    Then find two tournaments in a reasonably close time span with significantly different payouts that would actually cause inaccuracy in measuring player level, keeping in mind that the sheer amount of winnings from a single major tournament can easily dwarf those of a couple locals.
    Unfortunately it was just a match on one of the TVs next to the TO's desk. v_v A lot of people were pissed it wasn't on livestream.
    Interesting, I know of most of the things you stated in those threads. I'll definitely give you credit if I use any of them. BTW, I find it funny that people didn't understand what you were talking about in the RAR thread. I guess they didn't know that buffering a pivot to jump cancels the pivot so you actually don't turn around.

    Thanks again for the info,

    eh i'll get back to it eventually. working on another project right now.
    Shaky vs Judge, match 3 at MLG. Try that one, and see how MK gets his butt handed to him on a stage "he's supposed to be amazing on".
    Just because someone is hostile towards you doesn't mean you should do it back to everyone else. Go watch a vid of Ness on Brinstar and realize how annoying he is on that stage.

    You didn't offend me persay.
    I was trying to learn the MU because I don't really know it. If I sandbagged its because I didn't see banana's so I thought you just didn't care, but I don't really remember 1 friendly from a month ago though.

    but thanks though
    You have an extremely different take on the metagame than post people, that while I don't always agree with, is thought provoking.

    Such as how you use peanuts against me at 2GG in friendlies ( abiet I don't know much about diddy)
    By not sucking at debating.

    [Apply to be a Temp Debater then go to the Debate Hall forum]
    I don't plank. Especially since Sheik and Snake are both bad at it. =P
    Actually. No, that hasn't been covered to my knowledge.

    Post a thread in Tactical, and if I find something that covers it, I'll merge your thread.
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