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  • Dude, holy ****. Did we play earlier? I got paired up against someone named Zelos and their tag was Shrek. We Ike dittoed last game.
    Not me brother. Though I'd definitely be down to play you sometime.
    I'm almost ready to be picked up (just gotta eat something to hold me over) so whenever you're ready to come then go ahead!
    Also, try to message me with a response on Facebook because I might not see it on here. (I haven't been able to go online until now.)
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a pretty good game for the Gamecube by the way. I recommend it if you ever find it at a store. (Yeah right!)
    Oh, and not to mention Catherine could be on the Wii U as a port. Or at least the possibility of it being added on there.
    P4A is pretty balanced and hopefully we can get good and not be garbage at the game after a while of screwing around and stuff.
    Yay. Hopefully you can because we need to stop being free at Melee. :p
    qq at Kanji's MU spread. :( She's good as long as her persona doesn't break or get trapped in corner pressure, which is good enough for me.
    Persona 4 Arena 2 is going to be kickass and I really hope it gets a US/console release. Nintendo should totally buy Atlus so we can get the wonderful persona games on the Wii U/3DS and SMT x FE won't be cancelled.
    Would you want to go to HS for Melee on Wednesday? I can't go Thursday because a birthday of someone really close is on that day. c:
    There's Persona 4 Arena 2 coming out, by the way. It's supposed to be an arcade only update and there's no plan of it being released in US. Laaaaaaaaame. Yukiko doesn't look garbage and Elizabeth looks better too. I don't know about Kanji still. HE SHALL ALWAYS BE THE LOW TIER HERO!
    man I cant stand the new smash boards. just realized I never messaged you back D:

    Also any plans to main anyone in smash 4? Idk why but If dk is good I think Im gonna main him
    The doors open at 4. We should leave around 3, right?
    I'm probably bringing MK9 or nothing when we go. :p
    You would. I play it here and there whenever I want to experiment with something mainly. Panne as a Wyvern Lord = god tier. Otherwise Sully, Frederick, and the avatar are the best (assuming no reclasses.)
    He does have the best intros! HE WON'T DEFEAT THE LOW STABS THOUGH! How the heck do you play Dream Team so much? O_O
    You're lucky to have those addictions! ;_; I'm going to be stuck with my FE addictions.
    Teddie has the most amusing voice in that game. STAY FREE, KANJI!
    I added you on Facebook, by the way.
    Sure. I don't mind adding you because I know we'll actually talk unlike the 80+ people I deleted a while ago.
    Well, at least you're good enough to understand it. I probably will never understand it hehe.
    Expect me to use Chun-li until I find someone I really like. Project M addictions are too good!
    I don't blame you for doing that. Comfortable clothing > all other options.
    That must have been a major derp. xD I will try my best to not fall back asleep. Usually I don't when I have to be awake by a certain time.
    Exactly! Otherwise I would have drafted Marcia to be my mage killer on normal mode.
    Caineghis is so I can solo the entire end game once I had enough raging LOL. Excluding Ike getting the final hit on Ashera, of course.
    That is the best bus pass. We need that for our IDs, obviously.
    Wario World (the one I played on the Gamecube) was super awesome and I wish I could play it again. :(
    That's the exact reason why D.I.Y. looks fun as heck!
    I would have drafted Haar too if I could. Beating II-E in one turn is pretty awesome with a speedwing boost of course.
    No problem! I got extra money that I can use instead of buying like one shirt because I don't really care about what I wear half of the times anyways. (Which is why I like to buy plain color shirts now.) Next week works for me.
    Hmm, 12 is fine. I'll have to get my Grandma to wake me up before just in case. :p
    My choices: Nolan, Geoffrey, Oscar, Calill, Rhys, Mordecai, Caineghis, Janaff.
    Ike, Micaiah, Elincia, Sanaki, Sothe, Kurthnaga, Ena, Nasir, Gareth, Sephiran and the Herons are all free to use. This is on easy mode so I'm not really focused on winning to be honest. There's no limits on BEXP for this draft thankfully.
    Guile's theme seriously goes with everything. Even with sleeping!
    I signed up for a Radiant Dawn draft that someone was hosting on Facebook. I'm posting my units in a minute. :p
    Wario Man is too good! If only there was a Wario Man costume. Then I could use him without having the crazy buffed powers from the final smash. I find the costume to look awesome. I wish I got the Wario D.I.Y. game. It looked good and seemed to have the right idea. I don't know.
    I wish the PS2 emulators were a lot less confusing for the settings and menu options. I don't want to mess with too much or mess with the wrong thing. I'll get this done with one way or another though. Sunday definitely works. Just expect my Grandma to not be home if you come any earlier than say 12:30, but again I can tell her in advance that I would be leaving.
    11am...not bad. I'm glad it won't be too early for sign ups and such. I can tell my Grandma we're going this Thursday if you're still up for it!
    It was on a big platter with the extra orders on separate plates. You would definitely enjoy the food there. Although all the meals are more expensive than anything I can find in RI. XD
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