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  • Both are fun, but Luigi just has a "lol" value about him that makes him satisfying when you land one of his ridiculous KO options (DTaunt, Sweetspot Up-B, Sweetspot DAir).

    Mario is basically "space carefully, rack up damage, then maybe kill or gimp"
    Luigi is "try to get in to the opponent's space and ****"
    Yeah, that would do it lol. No worries, I've had it happen from my end before.

    Luigi's much easier to deal with without lag, though; once the lag lifted a bit right as we were finishing up, I was able to make a slight comeback.

    Just so I can tell somebody without getting off-topic in the current BBR Tier list thread, since they moved on just a bit ago: Luigi, though he has troubles getting into the opponent's space, he's then a very, very extreme threat. Mario, on the other hand, isn't too much of a threat even if he gets into the opponent's space, but he's not as limited by mobility.

    I'm not sure why it was that laggy, since no one else was using the internet at my house. Possibly the weather; I've been getting some snow.
    lol, yeah, I realized that in real life you could have teched that.

    Sorry about the lag. I'm bad against Snake tbh, but yours is good!

    My Game & Watch isn't good, though? :c
    I stopped playing brawl for like 9 months last year, reallly only been half *** playing for like 2 months now. Yeah I remember your mario :p

    Hope to play you again soon :)
    You were used to the lag yeah, all your stuff was rather perfect with the timing and tricks.
    I just was not playing well against you earlier, and you defs are better than my peak performance level lol. I know when I cannot win :)
    Sorry for such crappy games today man! my fox is terribad, and samus just straight up sucks, especially against Falco.

    The buttan delay really messes up my fox but I have no one here to play and I need to learn when to use attacks and stuff so if we play again please excuse my fox :p

    Your snake was beautiful <3 and your easily a far superior player to me, so I appreciate you using people other than your main :p
    It's easy to hit crouching characters too XD (if lag didn't keep getting in the way >__>). But yeah, crouching and having a reflector does make things easier. I wonder if any character other than Marth can cancel Pits Arrows....
    I can't be aggressive with Pit XD. Gets outclassed by some other characters aggressiveness, like Snake. You really have to be patient when you play Pit. People shouldn't underestimate him, though, he's a good character.
    After you play with Pit for a while, you get to know some shenanigans so the Arrows are more likely to hit XD. In my Opinion, Pit's Arrows are one of the best Projectiles in the game.
    Your Snake surprised me because most play defensive against my Pit. You played aggressive, and I don't really know what to do when a Snake gets aggressive. Snake has such long Chuck Norris range X__X.
    GGs ^__^.
    You don't have to apologize for trolling XD. I was kind of trolling you with Kirby XD. I like to take it easy when lag is messing up my Marth, so the troll matches were a nice break from the competitive stuff ^__^.
    Thanks for complimenting my Pit ^__^.
    You've got a great Snake, though!
    Can't right now actually, sorry. I have to leave in fifteen minutes for a class I'm taking, but I'll be back later this evening like after 8:30 EST if you'll be around then.

    Saw your post on MAD discussion.

    Copied the post in the hope that this catches your attention, in case you don't check the MAD group regularly, before you get yourself ripped off by Gamestop or something.

    I would call Nintendo's support line. They actually have people who speak English, trust me, I did it once.

    You should be able to get a replacement disc. Because Nintendo prohibits you from making backup/archival discs (even though I'm pretty sure it's been upheld that they're full of poo on this, but I AM NOT A LAWYER, SO DO NOT TAKE THIS AS LEGAL ADVICE), they pretty much HAVE to provide you a way for backups. It *should* only cost you shipping, which should be far less than a used copy goes for.
    Well I'm about to hop in the shower atm. I'll get back to you when I get out, assuming nobody's using the TV that is -___-.

    Snake dittos are a must :evil:
    I was sorely tempted to abuse tilts myself in that lag. That was like "omgwut?"

    Hmm...Snake dittos...maybe when lag isn't so bad. Anyways, I'm off to bed.

    Ciao :sonic:
    Seriously, I don't use Zelda in lag often.

    So I attempted to show you my Snake in that hot mess. Any comments would be appreciated.

    GGs =D
    I'd rather not use Zel in that lag anyway. And I don't use Sheik anymore so it's only 3/5 =__=

    Yay for playing and apologies. Cheers! I'll go back on.
    When you see Zelda is when you should feel the most confident. Garb char? Easy win? I think so.

    OK I think I'm just gonna forget this happened. I apologize for flying off the handle like that. I just didn't expect that from you at all...

    I'd like to play you again, but I will NOT use Zelda against you ever again (I have plenty of other chars to use). I DO however want to practice Sonic. The way I lost my momentum midway through that Snake match and didn't get it back in future games was saddening.

    And in future, if you don't want to play me, just say no. That includes right now. I won't get offended, trust me...
    OK first of all, I didn't use NEARLY as much usmash as you did tilts. But let's look at my situations anyway:

    First match vs Falco. I'm getting the **** camped out of me and it's lagging. What the hell am I supposed to do but try to string some usmashes for damage on a character that's susceptible to it?

    vs Snake. Another char that's heavy enough/falls fast enough to get usmash stringed. 70:30 MU (and potentially 80:20 on wifi) against me and I'm getting tilted to death in lag by the best wifi character in the game. I wonder what to do with my crap character to rack up damage. And I didn't do it THAT much. You threw some failed nades from time to time and just beat me to death with jab, ftilt, utilt.

    And Snake vs Sonic was FINE. And THIS IS WHAT I MEAN! You don't HAVE to tilt spam! You're better than that!

    You don't like fighting me? Then why did you say yes in the first place? I LIKE playing you. That's why I asked you in the first place.
    I don't care who's better. And no, I'm not good at all.

    I KNOW it's a video game, and I LIKE to have fun with this game, but can't do so when my opponent uses the same **** broken crap over and over again and I can't do **** about it because of lag. Where's the fun in getting tossed around by the same moves and not being able to do anything about it? The very last game we played before we played tonight, I remember having the time of my life. And I LOST that match. But did I throw a fit then? No. Why? Because I didn't face what I did tonight. I faced the kind of Snake that can kick *** on wifi without resorting to spamming his stupid **** like a wifi abuser. I watched that replay over and over because of how much of a great match that was. But this...bleh...

    And THAT is why I have such a "sour attitude".
    And to think I used to have so much fun fighting your Snake. But now you're all tilt spam. I got hit by ONE grenade that entire BF match. The rest was tilt and jab.

    Yet another wifi abusing Snake to add to the list >_____>
    Hey have you messaged .11 and pickle962 to do their matchez for your franchise tourney???

    They are the furthest behind! Rawr!
    I'll play whenenver tonight, jsut PM me on smashboards.

    I am on there now until 9:30

    Just make sure you PM me
    when do you want to play. I am not free until tomorrow night on Saturday so I would prefer to play today.
    we play for a tournament. What time do you want to play. I am free for the majority of the day until 12:00 PM (12:30 at the latest).
    All of this is East coast time.
    reminder :your match for pour me a glass of MALK tournament is due by the end of the weekend, DO IT :088:
    reminder :Winners Round 3 / Losers Round 2 for POUR ME A GLASS OF MALK tournament is now up, get your matches done!
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