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  • Yep, every entrant will receive a reminder about a week before we begin the tourney :)
    Don't worry, the tourney won't be for another couple of weeks, so you have plenty of time
    You graduated?!

    Well congratulations! I'm proud of you. Go to a good college, now!
    Ban. No metagame well develop to match his. A 0-60 combo that not even he can get out of. If a metaknight is in a tough spot all it has to do is Fair to Dtilt to one side of the stage and d-smash. He can shut other characters out before the match has started.
    Because it's ineffective, and it just annoys me that my friend will go through a constantly expanding number of voters asking people who possibly just voted if they've changed their minds, etc. I can tell you one thing; you won't be done by Summer, even.
    The results of Apex haven't changed my mind. Ban him.

    Just because M2k and others didn't do too well, doesn't mean they don't do well almost all the time. He has no counters and nothing worst than 50/50 matchups on every stage.

    Banning characters is common among fighting games. Smash is no exception.
    meh, just one win. Ally is too good, and I'm a Canadian so I'm going to have a bias.

    So i'm concluding that MK, in my opinion, is uncertain of a ban........ask later......
    not really a fan of posting essays on visitor messages so here's my brief response

    i haven't traveled much either, but yeah, i am choosing to judge because frankly i dont give a crap about brawl.

    Anybody that cares about the issue is currently either discussing it or would be waiting for the 4th poll, not going to your thread. I call all new people that take the role of the SBR scrubs if you're still wondering where i got that title for you.

    your thread was not closed prematurely, the debate you keep referencing was going on at the same time you posted there, and it's something for the SBR to do, not you (or me, or anybody that is not SBR >_>)

    i took plenty of moments to consider this response and the situation is the same: your thread got locked, people that care are still discussing the issue, people that voted can't change their vote even if they cared to. Good effort, but no means to take action with it. I posted my input on the thread if you wish to look at it >_>

    good luck with life
    Dude, just wait for the next thread. You're doing too much work. Or see if the mods can make a thread vote-only.
    I'm really undecided right now. =/
    I'm leaning toward pro-ban, but it's like 51:49 at best, lol.
    Waiting for Genesis now. xD
    I think we should wait until after Genesis to make an official decision. If Meta Knight dominates the top placings then I would prefer a temporary ban. He doesn't necessarily deserve a temporary ban because he is broken, but because he is very overused and he breaks the counterpick system. I think a complete ban of MK will be taking it too far. The temp ban will mainly serve as an experimentation period to see how it affects the metagame. Of course, if at Genesis, something similar happens like it did with APEX, then he doesn't deserve any form of ban.

    So, temp ban!
    It seems for the most part neutral, and that you're trying to get opinions, rather than convince people using apex's results. I'd like to see how this goes.
    haha, wish there was a "neutral" or "temporary freedom" option. But yeah, unsure would work.
    I believe the ban community is going to have major problems with their points due to apex. I agree with the reasons to why meta knight should be banned, but the points to why he shouldnt make a bit of sense as well. I am neutral in this, not due to apex, but due to myself considering points from both sides. It seems to me that banning him now will damage the community more than letting him run rampant will.

    I do feel that he will, and should, be banned. I do not, however, feel that that time should be now.
    he should be banned 1 win means nothing as the ban community doesn't argue that mk 100:0s anyone.

    Ken lost to pc chris in mlg nyc did this make pc chris the champion? of course not and ken came back to win the next 2 mlg tournaments.
    Such Naivete...

    Again, your method is highly ineffective. Let a mod make the accursed thread when the time comes. That way there will actually be a poll. Also, there will be no other poll already up that mods would have to lock all others. When this one closes and the mods open a new one, then there will be more answers and such. As it is, hostilities have been made depending on your side. I made a topic and this pro-ban idiot thought that all I wanted to do was have people agree that MK vs Wario was in Wario's favor. Just because I'm anti-ban. You'd have to be overwhelmingly naive to think that another thread will help anything.
    Again, did you not notice that people weren't voting even while it were open? No one was going to do that, and people were already angry at you for doing such. Also, you should have realized that only unwanted flames would end up coming from that topic. As if there isn't enough in the original thread and enough people that want that one locked as well. The point is that you still wouldn't get all the people that voted, so it would not only end up a useless topic, but also add more unwanted hostility on the subject.
    First of all, I do not spam. Get that out of your head. Secondly, it's a font that I chose to use. Thirdly, what naivete. Honestly. No one but Alus (2skilled) was planning on posting in there. You noticed that the others who commented on your topic didn't post in it? There was no point to it.

    Just because I have a higher post count, and thought ahead further than you, as well as attempted to defend you against Supermodel from Paris's insults doesn't mean that I spam. Do not insult me.
    The point was to also contain the flames of the contested debate to one thread. If you want to find this "swing vote" number, which to be honest doesn't mean all that much in the long run, just start a movement in the original thread.

    Besides, it all might be moot, seeing the result from APEX in New Jersey, as Ally just beat M2K 3-1 in Grand Finals. The ban community just hit a major roadblock.
    I reported that your topic was unneeded because you aren't SBR or a moderator, that your tallying was ineffective, and if you wanted to, you could have easily tallied the posts in the original thread. That and all I see your thread doing is reviving flames that have temporarily cooled.

    Wow. Y'know, I told Alus that you seem rather innocent. Lol, you're older than me and yet you seem so innocent.
    Oh, hey...

    Next weekend, do you want to

    Brawl with me?

    I would love to see

    How your Lucario stacks up against

    My Kirby. Another cool note...

    Did you know that Kirby's Aura Sphere

    Outprioritizes Lucario's?

    If you are one stock down

    And at 170% (you should know you'd be powerful then)

    I can literally wait for you to shoot a charged Aura Sphere,

    Then minimally charge and shoot mine, and they clash.

    Also, if we're on the same stock and you're at full power,

    I can throw a Baby Aura Sphere and clash with your

    Fully Charged Sphere.

    If you are at MAX power (Onecario)

    I can match your fully charged sphere

    With a fully charged sphere of my own.

    Weird, huh?
    Yes, I am still anti-ban.

    Sorry, man.

    But I still found it uncalled for.
    Make a guess...

    But I cannot reply

    Replying to SPAM is infraction-worthy

    Trust me, I know lol.

    We're still friends though, right?
    Heh, if you think that benefits you, I don't really care. People send me friend requests out of less thought out reasons. I still don't decline. :P
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