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  • i read what he said and there really wasn't even a point...lol

    noob why no badassery on smashboards? this names weird ._.
    I hope I don't sound offensive, but what exactly is the main reason you are on this website if you don't care about Brawl? Do you like Melee or the n64 version? Or is there something else convincing you to stay? It just seems a little weird if you don't like it to be on it (although if you used to play the past games, it's understandable).

    I actually did used to talk on the official thread, but with people like Yuna and Spadefox, I don't have much of a need to defend my side (I'm Antiban). I occasionally check in, but those two and quite a few others are doing a very good job of covering that point. Also, ;.; please stop rubbing in that my thread was closed. ;.; I know that it was shut down early, but it still burns. ;.;

    I know that the debate was still on, but with just options like "Yes" and "No", and especially with some of the up to date things that people have talked about, I'm sure people have thought about different perspectives of the issue. I just wanted to ask the peoples that had already voted if this was true or not. Opening the thread early was probably a mistake, since it was indeed mistaken as another generic voting thread, but if the results are as varied as people have been sending me, I'll be asking if another moderator can assist me in conveying my findings in an effecient and helpful way.

    And about my current actions, only time will tell if nothing will happen through it. But if people keep responding the way they've been doing so, I'll indeed keep trying.

    I hope you take care.
    First of all, how am I a scrub? I haven't been able to go and do national tournaments because I don't have the money to travel all over the country and participate. I know I'm not famous. But still, you don't know anything about me other than that I asked a very simple question, and you're choosing to judge me without even knowing me? Sad.

    Second, I'm just asking the opinion of people that had voted near the beginning of the official thread's vote if their opinions had changed overtime, due to the number of new events that had occured since the thread's opening. A lot has been said on multiple sides of the debate, and I simply wanted to ask the many people that had voted before what their thoughts might be now. Also, many people that I already asked had different responces than just "Yes or No or Not Sure" to the debate. If action should be taken against Metaknight in some way, shape or form, it doesn't necesarilly have to be straight up Ban him or Don't ban him. Some people want to have him temporarily banned, so that tournaments can be played without him and see if his participance really does effect the chances of other characters that much. Others think that it's too early to ban him just yet, and that the Genisis results would be a deciding factor in the issue. Still other's minds have been completely changed by the results at Apex, lending people to want to not ban him at all. I've only begun to ask people and collect responces, so I have a lot of work to do before I can see a huge trend in what the group thinks. If the official thread had more options to vote, and allowed people to change said votes, then I wouldn't even need to ask around. But it doesn't have a lot of options, and the votes are final, so I do feel like seeing if anyone's minds have been changed.

    3rd, the thread that was closed that you mentioned was closed prematurely, after a kid who had been keeping up with the debate simply wanted all issues around it closed. He decided to falsely claim the thread I was trying to make as spam, not even realising what I was trying to do, and had it shut down before it could actually be of any use. I intend to notify a moderator once my research is done, and allow them to assist me in posting the information in a way that won't start flamers but will still allow tournament hosts to get a feel on what the society thinks is the best course of action.

    I hadn't spoken a lot on the official vote itself, since I've had to deal with my own life right now. So I've just been asking a few people a day. I'm a little disapointed that people still want to judge and insult others without even taking a few momments to consider what they are thinking or doing. But if you really don't want to add your input, that's fine. I still would have loved your input, but if you don't want to give it, I suppose we'll probably forget the other existed after a while. I hope you take care.
    I'm just asking people about what they might think about the situation, since a heck of a lot of information has come from both sides. Some people's minds actually have been changed. What about you?
    thanks bamm. you're one of the coolest guys i've met through smash. i'm sure we'll be seeing each other around here and there.
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