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James Sparrow
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  • am i a cool guy you met through smash :(? <3 sparrow your current situation sucks. imo at least, no offense.
    hey.....hope your hiatus is only temporary. You got me into smash, introduced me to some awesome people, hosted some fun tournies, made me want to learn melee, and were overall just a pretty awesome dude.

    gonna miss ya,


    ps. FBT6 is gonna be tight!
    You may delete Yyrd off of your friends list.
    The name was confusing at the tournament, so I changed it to Hence.
    Hi there!
    I just want to ask... Is it known that Zss has lock capabilities on her Ftilt if the opponent misses a tech? Wondering cause I recently got a lock Vs CPU in training mode ;P ... It may be useful.
    I haven't played DOTA in a couple months, but that doesn't stop me from kicking ***. I'm on Azeroth (US East). User name: DeliciousCake_
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