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  • I usually don't team with anyone but MetalMusicMan, so I wasn't even planning on entering doubles when he said he wasn't going. Then Rauleen asked if I wanted to team in the car and I figured I'd just have fun with it since I figured we probably wouldn't be that good of a team anyway, and I did have fun
    Thanks! When Colin was housing us I heard RRR saying he got a text from you and that you needed a teammate. I could've teamed with anyone because I didn't have a partner until the drive to IA. I was also really surprised at the amount of character diversity at that tourney to be honest, almost everyone used a different character
    oh thank joo wobby :p

    and yes, I'm an active poster in the snake section fo sho *****!
    O RLY

    that makes sense I guess, but your not going somewhere after beezos right?
    sounds good then, even though you dont have to drive like, anywhere to get me lmao. But you've already driven me alot so I understand :)
    nuthin much. If you ever go out to another bi weeklie mind taking me again? You dont have to if you dont wanna, I'd just like to go to another one. Its ok if you dont want to...
    Use retreating bairs alot until it hits, then go into utilt and possibly uair or usmash. Use eggs whenever possible. They deal 9% a piece. If they are standing on the ground, use shorthop Nair and fast fall. It will hit them unsweetspotted and can combo into jab jab to a sweetspotted SH Nair. Uair is amazing. Use usmash to wrack up damage. Fsmash, usmash, downb, nair, and uair are going to be your most useful kill moves. Downb will kill most people once they get near 100%, depending on the character. Pivot grabs are essential to your game. They space your opponent on the ground and force them to jump to approach unless they can spam a weapon. Learn ETS and ECE's. Hope that helps :)
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