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  • Otherwise, it's ultimately up to you wether you wanna play, I'll be here though and I have wired connection so it's pretty solid. Not sure if you'll be taking it seriously or not, regardless I will be and I'm down to help find new stuff, put together guides, and whatever. Regardless if you do or don't, Lucas 5ever. <3 Let's make him the best we can in this game.

    Just let me know if you can (:
    Brah, we gonna test for AT's again like we did in Brawl when we saw Hyutters video?

    I feel like we could explore him in this game again and find stuff. Up to you though, I'll be traveling around this time to try to place up with you guys in top 5 Lucas players. It's nice to see ya back bud. If you liked playing with me back then, I'd be down to explore with ya.
    Hey FAE you probably don't know me but I admire your work and I too am a Lucas main. What I wanted to ask you was why don't you upload to Youtube anymore?
    Well preferably going Lucas in singles but if you're not up for it you don't have to, or can just use him a couple times. =)

    Also thanks! I'll have to practice that.

    Oh, did I tell you I found out how to zap jump with the wii-chuk? It's slightly iffy but it works most of the time. :D
    Aww, that's a pity. You know I still want to see your Lucas. You have so much talent! Would you be willing to do a Lucas in singles one last time to see if you can do really well? I really really love seeing top Lucases perform haha. ^^
    Dude, sometime can you help me learn the Falco MU? It's the only MU that consistently gives me problems and it isn't that hard, but it is super aggravating for me haha.
    I cant do refunds AT the venue cause no one gets paid out at the venue(payouts are sent by mail after the event is done). But after everybody is paid out, ill refund you through paypal or by check...w/e u want.
    Yo, i cant find you in the confirmation emails from paypal. can you forward them or email them to me was7x@hotmail.com so i know what you entered? What is your tag and who are your partners.
    lol I thought it was that as well but I read it again.

    Thanks for that, was pretty curious.
    Fair enough, any vids that you have of the team so i can get a feel for what I should do?
    Yeah, I've watched like every video of NR and Shaky from Genesis. It's not quite the same, more looking for spots I should be healing you and stuff.

    I might be slated to team with Krystedez, but he hasn't confirmed whether we're still on for that or if he's even going yet. If he isn't going (or doesn't want to team), team with me?

    I use ZSS/Pit/ICs in that order for doubles. I've been using ZSS locally (more than ICs tbh) in tournament since like January and have been working on her since like August last year. Pit's more of a recent project, but Bpow and I did fairly well at a tourney recently and MJG and I did alright, so I'm comfortable with Pit, but am probably better with ZSS imo. You already know about my ICs.
    Yea, was a long time, I just missed the MN smashers too much and missed the game too. Like last tourney I went to was in January 2009 and I actually got 1st in doubles then the MN smash scene kinda fell apart for a bit so I got out of it. Then I randomly wanted to join again and I smashed with a few smashers and that got me back into it.
    Yea, that was my first tournament in 3 years so I didn't have a partner and was just gonna find a random dude to play with, when I did play alot I teamed with JamesSparrow Disciple or Nappy.
    Yea, I agree there was a really good variety of characters used. Yea I did not have a teammate till I arrived at Joker's, and Breezy teamed with me, so I definitely would have teamed with you. As you can tell from our 1v1 match and our 2v2 match, I am a much better 2v2 than 1v1 player.
    Hey this is that Yoshi that played you at Joker's, never got a chance to talk to you but you had a damn good Lucas, seriously sick as hell.
    I actually have work that day so I can't go :( :( :(

    come to my tourney this Saturday instead !!!

    Edit: Go to Jokers AND my tourney :)
    hey, next time we're at a tourney together, would you mind sitting down and showing me the rope snake cancel and rope snake DJ stuff?
    Lucas boards are picking up again.

    Also, I can't get over that avatar of yours. That cat sense shivers of cuteness running down my spine! :D
    He also uses Dedede too, not sure if he uses him liberally in teams.

    Will look forward to meetin ya though, it'd be cool if we got some friendlies in at least!
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