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  • Haha, that match was pretty funny. Your ike is pretty good man. And yeah totally just hit me up or just get online and we can play whenver. Sorry i got off so fast again lol im prolly about to go to sleep but tomorrow or something whenever you wanna play you know just call.

    You are getting pretty good dude, probably better than I am. One of these days you have to talk to aaron and me and you and him can work something out after school or something and play. But yeah dude your getting real good its a nice change playing someone who is actually good besides my friend lee. Great matches dude.
    Thanks man. Yeah, when i was using falco it started gettin laggy and i couldnt really CG your ike but its whatever you know. Good job those first 2 matches u totally ***** me.

    Sorry i had to get off so suddenly though, I had to go take my sister to work. But later on today if you wanna play again im all game man i love playin against you, its actually some good competition; youve gotte alot better since this time last year lol.

    Just message me whenever you wanna play agint man? or you can just call or text my cell 404-769-5733
    *shrug* I say let them get at it in the thread. The thread is mostly there for people to vent, anyways ^_^''

    But what is it that you wanted to say?
    Tsk, tsk. I've spoken to M2K once. And I constantly remind people my goal is to **** him with Lucario. I don't do that fanboyish stuff, lol. Except when I get a new game >_>
    Yeah, you need a future too. Don't get all Smash-addicted on me. One person I know said this...

    "If I had a choice between Brawl and getting laid, I'd choose Brawl."

    And that is WAY too obsessive. I think I'll add you as a friend, being a fellow Lucario main, and someone who is waiting to vote because he doesn't understand the issue's good and bad points. You're a smart person ( I was about to say kid but you're 17 and I'm 15 lol).
    Lol, wow. But seriously, try talking to him normally. Don't get overaddicted to Smash.
    In the wonderful language of English, we call that groveling. Most people don't act like that you know. M2K is a normal human being. You can respect him by being respectful, not groveling like a servant who accidentally angered a king.
    "I'm sorry for bothering you, almighty Mew2King... But may I have permission to talk to you, Sir? If not, I am so sorry for bothering you."

    My, my, do YOU ever know how to grovel.
    Hmm please hurry with her return
    Nah. Black is just annoying to read. Yellow's perfect, to be honest.
    Probably my favorite SWF color.
    I'd like to say on behalf of everyone on SWF; STOP POSTING IN THAT BLACK FONT.

    Please, in the matchup discussion, it isn't worth reading. If you're gonna post something extremely long, don't post it in black. You only strain our eyes with that fat wall.

    Thanks. :)
    Knock me around? We shall see...
    Just check the avatar database thingie here, It's where I found it.
    Haha I won't mock you.
    Things could be better, But not bad overall and HAHA at your slow dancing, Well if your up to it.
    I feel like having a match.
    Not bad and yourself? I need to talk to Inoue if possible.
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