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Last Activity:
Oct 21, 2017 at 11:30 AM
Jan 6, 2009
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Smash Marketer, from Maryland

|RK| was last seen:
Oct 21, 2017 at 11:30 AM
    1. TimG57867
      Hey man. It's me! Had to take a break but I am back now that I've graduated from college. I see the Kirby boards kinda died in my absence but I intend to try get a little discussion going again. I might even try becoming a mod if that's even possible.
      1. |RK| likes this.
      2. |RK|
        Hey, good to see you! You should just join the Kirby Discord - it's where most conversation is these days :p
        May 21, 2017
    2. TDK
      How do you actually pronounce your name? IRKI or RK?
      1. |RK| likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. TDK
        I had no idea about Character minimums, and my name's just 3 letters. Is it a minimum of 3 letters?
        May 21, 2017
      4. |RK|
        Yup lol
        May 21, 2017
      5. TDK
        rip you then
        May 21, 2017
    3. SolidSense
      The art of using Cloud or indeed any swordsman comes down to waiting until the last possible moment to swing your sword. You are looking to react to perfect spacing. As you keep playing swordies you'll build an intuition for it.
      1. |RK| likes this.
    4. DblCrest
      ...that and I find it annoying when people lub character mains as some sort of hivemind. I think it's pretty dumb. I might just be venting through that XD
    5. Kojin
      1. |RK|
        Hey, I fell asleep lol

        Are you still down?
        Dec 25, 2015
    6. Kojin
      whats your name to send friend request or add me kojin
    7. Aurasmash14
      I thought you quit brawl??

      lol oh well. come back to the lucario boards once in a while, (just make sure teh seniors cept phi1 dont see you hehehe ;) )
    8. phi1ny3
      thanks lol :D
    9. Teran
      Haha thanks. :D
    10. Mr.-0
      I think that i've only managed to keep two threads up out of like 20 i've made. I"m sad...
    11. Alus
      Holy shizzle upon the corn flake!!!!

      Stop Dying!
    12. Alus
      Dont worry!

      The YES can cure everything!!!
    13. Alus
      HOLY **** **** ON A **** YOU TURNED 16!!! D:

      You know what that means!?

      It means:

    14. PrinceAlus
      Lmao Mindgames!

      And while we are on this subject.
    15. Aurasmash14
      I know your not a luca anymore but you should come see what happened to the board.
    16. WaterTails
      I just checked my stack of DS games and couldn't find it. :( If you need it soon, maybe you should just post in the trading thread, check the GTS, or even get on GameFAQS and get somebody to haxxor one for you
    17. WaterTails
      I have a Quilava that I could breed with a Ditto. I'll do that as soon as I find my copy of Diamond!
    18. fromundaman
      Indeed, you must be!
    19. fromundaman
      Wuh Wha? How did you know before I even changed it?!
    20. Kawaii Poyo
      Kawaii Poyo
      lol you post so much yet never goto a tourney.

      Come on, its MD/VA we have tourneys like every weekend >.>
    21. Teran
      Haha thanks man, just doing my part for the community. xD

      Don't forget prosecutor. c:
    22. PK-ow!
      RK Joker...
      I don't really know you...
      I like keeping "friend lists" *somewhat* exclusive... so that I don't have like 100 people in them.
      And you're in Maryland... so nil chance of us ever playing the game. D:
      Continue repping The Truth, though, and I'll see you around. 9_9
    23. Xiivi
      Well to be honest, I personally don't think people who don't play the game should moderate character boards. I can't go over to Timbers and be like "GRRR STOP BEING A MOD". However, I can hold myself to those standards. :P

      Also Azua mods the Pool Room, which has nothing to do with brawl. :P

      But I really like the moderation staff here and have little to no complaints about them. :P
    24. Chaco
      It's no problem. But, there's not a chance of me ever being gay.
    25. Chaco
      Hell to the **** no.

      I should kill you for even suggesting that.
    26. Xiivi
      Don't worry, I've been easily replaced by people better suited for the job. :)
    27. KayLo!
      Thank ya, thank ya. :bee:
    28. Da-D-Mon-109
      KSU, then UGA for my Degree in Marine Biology, then a Job at Sea World, then the World itself. That is the order of my conquest.
    29. Da-D-Mon-109
      The OTL Tournament is suppost to start today, and if I'm not in that, then my mom wants me to go out to dinner with the family because I graduated highschool yesterday. We will Brawl soon though, I promiss you that.

      And just because the thread is closed doesn't mean that no one's thinking about the issue, so I do intend to keep asking those on my list about it. I'm a very adamant person. But I won't be doing much posting on my results unless asked about it, or until the very end.
    30. Da-D-Mon-109
      The only reason I didn't get done by the time school ended was because I had so much stuff going on... relationship issues, deaths in the family, car accidents, broken ribs, strange illnesses, passing my finals, turning in missed homework, preparing for college, graduation.... my life has gotten really busy. I wasn't expecting to finish any time soon.

      Plus, I wasn't going to ask every new person that voted (the votes have stoped now anyway, so it's not like even if I did, I'd have to count to infinity and back to get all of the results I want). I picked a good cut off date, and saved the number of people that voted at that time. The date itself is from a while back, but there's still plenty of people that I can talk to on it. And it's not like I'm moving mountains, scowering the sky, diving the oceans, and fighting Chuck Norris at the same time. It's really easy. Just copy and paste a message in the person's visitor's board. If they give a dang about it, they'll say something back.

      Thank you for your concern though. And btw, I'm back! Muhahaha!

      As far as current results go, I've done around half of the c's of the proban side (that's as much time as I've had before I got grounded and then my life turned upside down), and the most popular option is actually to temporarily ban him, just to see if it has a chance of making other characters be able to place better (an option I'm actually fine with).
    31. :mad:
      I seriously thought you wanted confidence. Sorry. See ya later, then.
    32. :mad:
      Seriously? I thought you wanted to me to make the games close. Alright, I'll be at the top of my game next week.
    33. :mad:
      I thought you had to leave.
    34. :mad:
      No, I'm glad you have to go.

      Good riddence. /not kidding.
    35. :mad:
      Yeah, and all that was for naught when you Kirbycide for every kill.

      A'ight, host it.
    36. :mad:
      Being serious here, you really are a terrible player. That's not meant to offend, but I'll tell you why.

      You. Rely. On. Inhale. I'm dead serious, all you do is dash attack, rock, cutter, and Kirbycide. It's extremely predictable, and you get punished more often than not. Seriously, I'd play more, but I just can't take it. Turn off the suck.
    37. :mad:
      You suck at this game. :3
    38. :mad:
      I'm there. Gogogogo.
    39. :mad:
      He's not a clone.

      You're just being obese.
    40. Falconv1.0
      Hookers and blow anyone?
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