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  • Hi. You must be that person I played on For Glory a while ago and you said you saw me at Rebirth! You should have said something. It would have been fun :). Anyway, I usually go to all the big events in Michigan so if you ever come out again I'll probably be able to see you.
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    Oh nice! Rebirth was a lot of fun except for our terrible weather (sorry!). Yeah I ended up getting 4th seed in my pool so I played Katakiri round 1 in bracket on stream and got bodied lol, but I learned quite a bit. There may be a chance that I might go to an Ohio tourney this month or even Dismantle next year so I may see you some other time too.
    Nice! I hope to make it to another Dismantle at some point, but right now that's up in the air.

    If you do go to an OH tournament, I would suggest either one of the Cleveland ones that should be starting next year or Southern Ohio Smash in Cincinnati ( https://www.facebook.com/events/146848022342715/ ). The other tournaments in our state tend to be hit or miss, but I trust both of the TOs running those events.
    Thanks for the info. I was looking at the Mommy smashing santa claus tournament but I don't think I'll be able to make it anymore unfortunately. I would like to travel a little bit more for smash since I just end up seeing/playing the same people all the time. Ohio would be somewhat close. I'll look at those events and maybe I'll head out there sometime :).
    Might you be the same Fromundaman from the PSASBR community, a great BD from a long time ago?
    Oh wow sorry I never say this post.

    That was indeed me. I'm surprised at how many people on this site have been hitting me up from PSAS actually.

    How are you doing? I unfortunately don't recognize your name.
    Snow Shard
    Snow Shard
    Yeah, Snow Shard is my Smash name. My tag in PSAS was O9N12, the Sackboy main. There are a lot of PSAS players that play smash
    Oh wow sorry can't believe I forgot to reply to this.

    I remember you though, your sackboy was one of the best I'd ever played.

    Anyway how're you going? Are you a Pac-main too?
    Hey! You posted in the Kirby boards! Long time no see.
    U have 3ds, can i add u so we can play smash?
    Sure thing! Are you available to play tonight by any chance?
    Also FC? I don't see it on your profile.

    Mine is
    Hey! From one Mega Man player to another, could you walk me through that forward roll cancel grab AT you were posting about? I can't seem to get it. For reference I mapped grab to R and shield to L.
    If it's easier we can start a match and I can show you/start a chat with you to walk you through it in real time (Though not right now as I'm about to leave for a tournament).
    I'm on vacation and the WiFi doesn't allow my 3DS to play Smash online, so I'll work on it on my own until I get back home on the 26th. If I still can't get it by then I'd love to take you up on that. Thanks for the offer!
    No problem, feel free to message again if you have more questions, but honestly once you get the timing down it isn't quite so hard anymore.
    Hey whats up:p we'll deff have to share tech once you get the game! I use skype mainly atm so feel free to add me there, iiGGYxD is my skype.
    I'm not going to play MvC3 anytime soon. I have games I actually have a reason to put time into to play first.
    I'm barely back, and uh, ****ty, as usual.

    This place makes me sick so I don't even lurk much. **** Brawl, user blogs isn't funny anymore and uh, **** Brawl.
    When I look at your avatar with my peripheral vision, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain part of the female anatomy.

    Just sayin'.
    Congratulaaations, Fromoundaman!! Your name looks cool in red! ='D Welcome aboaard. -salutes.-
    *grabs mic*
    To catch them, is my real test.
    To train them is...my caaaause!

    btw, I'm a girl haha.
    olimar info: Olimar Matchup

    -when you have a lead camp with nair, dair/reverse cape, It kills all the pikmin/latch on to olimar. if you have the lead you dont have to approach.

    -when oli is trying to get back down read what he does, and keep him in the air

    -Dthrow at low to mid percents puts Oli in a really bad position.

    -At Higher % DI away from olimar's Dthrow, don't airdodge or hit his sheild

    -Yellow pikmin have 0 hitstun

    -Olimar has no ledge options, just wait

    -When dair camping don't hit his sheild and jump higher if he tries to upair

    -Don't land near olimar
    [3:57:29 PM] Vato: -Cape>whistle
    [3:57:36 PM] Vato: cair ***** olimar offstage
    [3:57:40 PM] Vato: *cape
    [3:57:55 PM] Vato: dair>nair in SH for good sheild pressyre
    [3:58:07 PM] Vato: as i said when olimar is on the ledge
    [3:58:20 PM] Vato: all he can do is bait you with upair
    [3:58:31 PM] Vato: he has no safe option to get back on capitolize on this
    I'd just like to tell you I just pulled off a similar cape **** like yours but with norfair's lava. LOL

    I know its not much.

    I might be able to change some things but im tired right now.
    Well, I've only ever played one show before, so double bonus! Kind of funny, I didn't set out to make money, but my band found me, then found a guy needing stage musicians, so lucked out twice XD

    I do that too actually, though no one's ever told me that.
    I've never ever been payed to play at a show, but then again, it didn't matter for me. I just like the feeling of performing and playing my songs to my audience. That doesn't mean that I'm not totally jealous though! I WISH I could get paid to play bass!

    People have told me that I pull ideas out of my beard, since I always scratch my beard every time I think. ;)
    You need to rep that bassist beard man, keep it scruffy.

    No we're talking about the one on Kirby's face, obv

    If you're gonna send me more than one replay, send them all to me now, and not later. I'm trying to do this in one sitting along with Asdioh's replays.
    "That's a tough one... Problem is all the low tiers tend to be clumped together and seem interchangeable to a certain extent, but I see it as Ganon, Falcon, Samus, Zelda, Link as Bottom 5, with Samus, Link and Zelda interchangeable. IDK, Ally does good with Falcon I admit, but I think that's more of how good the player is than the character, and I've yet to see another player capable of convincing me that Falcon isn't THAT bad. That being said, every player is biased one way or another, so I'm not going to pretend my list is absolute truth or anything."

    I agree with you soooooooooooooooo much
    Like I said, it's more of a standing alt. option; like I said, I wouldn't wanna hold ya back (if you're other team has history then it's prolly better). But for sure we have to get some dubz friendlies on the same team.
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