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  • That is by far one of the most disgusting noises I've ever read in my life.

    I'm a 16 year old boy. It'd be weird if I didn't stay up until 2 AM, at least.

    I can stay up later though, how late do you want to Brawl?
    Usaully when I ask someone if they brawl online they don't respond..

    Now I see how its random!....

    I'll put your in
    Columbus April 3rd!!

    Just one more question

    What website do you go to to find out when tournaments are happining?

    Do you now where at in columbus?

    I'm in Columbus, where there's like no tournaments ever happining..

    How much would it cost to join Tournament HARD?
    Not sure...

    Yeah sorry. The touch screen on my phone was extra sensitive. I tried to call back but no one answered LOL.

    EDIT: Wait a minute... How many times did you try to call me?
    Akron? Sorry, I haven't been much in the loop. Living over 200 miles from the closest smash scene has kinda put me a bit behind on what all my smash buddies are up to.

    Those matches were all the way back at EVO last year, but they are still fun to watch.

    Match 1
    Match 2
    Match 3

    Its scary to think that this is BEFORE t0mmy learned how to best use bananas... we teamed for the first time at tourneyplay4 without any prior practice and took 9th out of 20 (at least I can say I helped, haha). I haven't looked at any recent AZ vids. I should, especially since I doubt he has rested on his haunches skill wise since these.
    I've heard of DJ, and all of it good. Its awesome that he gets that kind of training in. Just thinking of the training I would get from that caliber of sparing partner is mind boggling. It would be like me training with AZ or ADHD on a regular basis, haha. That kind of spacing on Vex's part is kinda crazy though. Especially considering how fast a Metaknight ditto match can move. Tell DJ congrats for me. I'd do it myself, but it would be kind of awkward to message him out of the blue, especially considering that he doesn't know me.

    You mentioning AZ makes me think of his matches with t0mmy. Crazy stuff. Don't give up though. I thought I would never reach a point in my playing ability where I would be able to beat him or t1mmy, and though its rare I can pull off the occasional win, even a two stock depending. I'm also rather glad they don't have to sand-bag me anymore, haha.

    One more thing I forgot to mention about the tourney... ask M2K to show you his and DEHF's "special team tech" next time you see him. You'll get a few lols. And just in case you wonder when you see it, yes they did use it in a tournament match.
    whatever you want i guess.

    Also as for the vids you have to tell me which ones should be fully uploaded because i cant throw them all.
    Haha. I have no defense for that. Your buddy sounds like a really good guy (or gal, I don't remember you specifying) for putting up with all of that though.

    Glad I could teach ya something. :) Its one of my favorite techs. I literally got into a tossing match with Praxis at the tourney. One of my bananas didn't hit the ground for five tosses, ending with Peach getting smacked and Praxis muttering something to the effect of "you gotta be kidding...".
    Insta-toss with bananas. You know, the tech where you interrupt an air-dodge with a throw using the c-stick after you grab the banana.

    Its funny, but most smash players I know aren't any better than that anyways when it comes to personal hygiene on trips. I was told by Game Clucks Guy (Washington tourney runner) that I was the first smasher he ever met that would shower in between tournament days. I understand your frustrations with him being unbending, but I can understand where he was coming from too if his feet hurt. On a side note, what kind of a vehicle has no windows?!?
    Haha. I know that feeling. Same for me, save that it was Tourneyplay 4 and I hadn't been to a tournament in around 6 months. I got a chance to meet M2K though. Nice guy. I even had a chance to teach him something. What took me about an hour of practice took him around two tries to have down. It was awesome.
    ~Would you like to brawl tommorow, Im part of L.I.O. and would like to accuately judge you to see if your fit depending on your skill level, of course it is LP's final decision since he's leader.
    I know dat!
    Im actually best with Snake online...
    I barely use him offline! xD
    But yeah, if i dont smell lag when we have some matches, ill keep an eye out 4 you as well ;)
    C ya round!
    Naa dude (lol @ da drinking part xD)
    You played nicely, youve gots a decent ROB, And my bad if you dont like :popo: CGs, i third them and thats what i use them 4, but honestly, my Cgs suck over wifi xD
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