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  • Hey try to make it tomarro if you can Even if its just for friendlies M2k and lain will be their i wanna have some fun at this and the more the funner :)
    sorry for taking so long to respond, with the skin i have its not as easy to notice pms and after the 2nd i stopped looking.

    thats was for the muegan brawl project in smash workshop and i really wanted blastoise to win but giga kooplus was winning so he needed a little help.

    i know what you mean. but its not all bad because im getting my permit soon =]
    If you want to see how the game is coming, I just posted a few more screenshots which you should definitely look at right now! or else! :p
    Hey! We got a little mini-demo for the new SSBC engine, so go to the Social Group to get the link... The only reason I don't just paste it here is because I wanted you to see all the stuff that you've been missing!
    ya probly and ya probly. I have classes till like 7 that night but no classes at all friday so it won't matter for me.
    Warcraft 3??? What the... what kind of project is your friend working on?

    Anyhow, just finished editing some sprites for Link - I didn't approve of the Fair on the sheet I was using :/ He'll be in soon. I just need another character for an excuse to make a character select screen. By then I'll have Phantom and hopefully Tails test it for me, and you can go through with a fine-tooth comb lol.
    Okay, cool. I guess I might add more characters and a rough menu first? :)
    Then you can try it when you get a chance. I hope there will be fewer glitches lol.
    Well, the basic engine for the new SSBC is 95% done - only missing Final Smashes! All the new stuff we promised, including edge grabs, dash attacks, and grabs are in and 100% functional! Also, all content is externally loaded and with no technical problems so far. Thought I might give you an update. Let me iron things out and I'll put up an engine test for you and the rest of the social group.
    lol. I guess it's lucky that I was the only one who checked out the link...you should probably edit that out of the post. :p
    The link you posted in the social thread is a porn site:mad:. Maybe I got the starred out words wrong, though.

    Dude -

    we started over from scratch on the SSBC engine. I know that may seem like a bummer, but I honestly think it is the best thing ever. 60 fps, now potentail for 4-player, lots of new mechanics that should have been in before but weren't - it shall be worth it.
    Hey missed you on the SG for SSBC! We were hoping you could give us some advice on movesets for upcoming char's (like Waluigi, Krystal, etc.)
    haha, it wasn't that bad, but one or two posts... yeah. If you don't want to read through it all, I covered most everything in my post. Let me know if you see anything I missed. t1mmy even let me use it for his MU discussions on AiB. :)

    Thanks for the discussion! It was fun. Now we just need to apply this to the rest of our MU discussions. I look forward to it.
    This truly is the case, however one also needs to take into consideration range, the movement speed of the character and the opponent's positioning (location on the stage, state of movement, move lag, etc.). If the move has more range on it, then its immediately less punishable due to the opponent not being able to be in position to punish with a move (see Kirby vs. Marth). If the character moves like say Fox, the range gets extended due to how fast they can get into position. Also, moves on characters like Ike would tend to not work against most opponents, but with clever abuse of positioning (mind games) they can still hit. If they don't hit they still have relatively little "after lag" to take advantage of, and there is also the range to hurt the opponent's positioning. Naturally things like this can be difficult to discuss, but the likely-hood of reaching some kind of agreement afterward is much more likely than saying...

    "DK gets ***** by Kirby because Kirby can gimp him! 60-40 Kirby favor!!!"
    (I know you don't think this, I'm just giving an example ;))

    Also, no worries. I love heated discussion if the other person knows what they are talking about, and you certainly do. :)
    Which is why I said within a frame of reason... about 10-15 frames on reaction to be precise (its the smasher average if I'm not mistaken). If it can be reacted to, it should be counted. Also, I mentioned the power of the move because Jiggs' vulnerability afterward. Unless the enemy is sent flying for a KO or really close too it, puff will get slammed. That being said, I'm glad that the puffs are working on her game. :-)
    Tell that to the puff players. If its at all possible, they should know and begin to work on using it. Rest isn't as good of a move as it was in the past though. I think it has about the same power as our hammer...
    Well it turns out there's no point in me learning the MK matchup with Kirby, as I just found out he is banned at the tourny closest to me. >_>
    Oh ok. Well I'd like to be kept informed. There already is a thread about a match-up chart but I'm going to try and make one where every board agrees. Thanks for the info! Do you think you could redirect me towards the past results? Thanks!
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