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  • Hey get your buddy to upload the videos from GP 3!

    In this time period not accidentally in the future because that doesn't necessarily help us.
    Im probably teaming with jay, and then I already have hilt asking me if I dont there.

    If I don't have anybody beyond that, and you're still free, I'll look for ya.... :)
    Do you plan on going to Composer's tourney this weekend? I really want to make it to that.
    Not to much. Just moved in to my dorm at OSU, hoping there's still a Melee community around.
    Haha, I would have offered to team with you if I can make it to SiS3, but I see better players have already asked.

    That being said, the reason for this post:


    Wtf man? I didn't know Yoshi could do THAT when I sent you the text. JC getups is pretty amazing. If only he had a decent shield... He was made a ****ty character for a gimmick... how sad...


    Holy crap I see you compared to M2K a lot in comments/tourny shoutouts. I need to get back to Dayton to practice with you more and become amazing XD
    You got a partner yet for SiiS 3 the 11th, Scribble? Let me know, Rene is getting back into teams with Count again. I would love to try again for 1st!!!

    If not it's completely okay, just saying also I'm still strapped like last time, I'll have just enough for singles and my venue is gunna be covered I think . . . Let me know.
    hey you thanks for teaming with me, it was really fun. I'm sorry I didn't do us better, but boy was our combos sizzlin'! I look foward to seeing you again at another tourney, you made doubles really awesome for me. I will try to be better for next time! (if there is one)
    Sadly my laptop can't save any videos.

    But I am getting a new one this week, then I can start editing again.
    yeah, if watkins doesn't go to mlg dallas (or i guess if he wants to team with someone else...) then I'd definitely want to team with you. we should team at some tournament before dallas though, just to make sure we work well together. i'm sure mo will be out to one of nope's tourneys before december (that's when dallas is right?)
    hm, i dont know if i'm going to the next mlg or not yet. i'd like to, but we'll see. also, i'm pretty set on teaming with watkins, but it's very likely that he won't go to the next mlg cause he wont have alot of money. i'd definitely team with you if he cant go though, it'd be like teaming with m2k :O
    haha. sorry we left though, i did want to play you a couple more times but my fellow missourians werent interested in playing friendlies :/ i wanted to beat you at least once though...
    Mainly because I don't know about a good amount of them. That, high school, and the fact that I can not yet drive limits me. I'm hoping that within a year, (I can drive by then), I'll be able to start going to more local tournaments. You say that Columbus has a good amount of local tournaments weekly? Can you point me to a link or thread for any of these?
    Do you know if any of Dayton is going to VGBC? I kind of want to go but don't want to drive.
    I have gas monies if there's room :0
    I no longer feel bad about my pool. Today replaces GrimIce in pool number 22. Guess who else is in that pool?
    Hmmm... Don't know any of the other ones. What's your pool look like?

    (As for Havok, meh. There's going to be at least 1 good player per pool, so I expected as much. I recognize some of the other names as well, though I can't remember where from, which worries me.)
    Everyone plays characters I haven't had practice with or can't handle. I don't know what to do against a Zelda, can't handle Diddy or Snake, and I don't know who Smash GOD mains.
    You might have to cover for everything Tuesday, and I can get my mom to give me some money for Friday
    When are we gonna move our stuff in? If you want to, we can do it that Friday before we head off to Pound.
    I wanted to but I had some things I had to take care of first, like my food stamps and this interview. Can you believe they forgot to put them on there? I could've gotten sanction because of their bull
    Oh, and if you can, get on AIM today. This would be easier to work out that way. That or call me at (330)-535-2508.
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