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  • hey, is osu campus on the way to ohayocon from your place? I was wondering if someone staying there wouldn't mind picking me and suyon up for it.
    ...eh, I have a friend that just got screwed out of his room. O king of housing, know anyone that might have room for two?
    I've been wondering...

    Is there an age limit at MOMO's? My dad wondered since it has a bar in it, and I'm 19 now.

    So I will not move out until April 9th. I was wondering if youd be interested in a roommate around that time.

    Colten "SP"
    actually i found the original thread explaining it, I just don't know how the finals worked
    do you remember the rules of that all brawl tournament that was held in the midwest a while back? the one that you held and had an awesome livestream.
    the only part i remember about it was 10 min timer, 4 stocks, sudden death is played out, and 2 people out of every 4 advanced, the winner, and the person who had the most kills. I don't remember how the actual bracket worked with that progression in mind.
    Hey Kiest, would it be cool if I got a ride with you to Nope's monthly?
    Of course, that would mean the meeting with my mom, but you said you wouldn't mind sooo yeah. :pP
    I'm sorry. I haven't been on the boards at all lately, and I'm just checking back in for the first time in like 2 weeks because I've been busy school.
    Hey are you going to School is in Session this weekend? If so do you think i could get a ride?
    Kiester, AZ told me to message one of you guys! I was still wondering if I'm working with the Ohio PR? I'm still extremely active and such. And it'll be a lot quicker since Springfield been a bit slow on things lately.
    Hey Keist. Are you going to Day's tourney on the 31st?
    Me and my friend Coop would love to go, but we are lacking a ride that would want to drive up all the way to Cincinatti.
    Perhaps I can talk my mom into not going to class on Saturday. That way, I can catch a ride with you! =D
    Hey Kiest. Bad news...
    I have this class for my failed OGT today, tomorrow and Saturday from 12pm-2pm. However, I don't have it on Sunday. So, I was wondering when you were leaving for The Showdown? If you're leaving on Saturday I was wondering if you could give me a ride after around like 2 if possible.

    Oh yeh how do you reserve rooms in the summer if your not there? (or do you have to be present to do that)
    What sort of format were you thinking for the TO backroom calendar?

    If you let me know I might be able to toss something up that you can just copy/pasta.
    So as a fellow blue name I would like to know your esteemed opinion on blue name things, and the status of blue name as a whole.
    haha no chance that you could transfer the file to me over aim? sorry to be so bothersome, if you can't then it's understandable =P
    kiest upload me vs capem :mad:

    i have to study for exams and it'd be great to watch during breaks
    So I am wondering. Do you guys have the match recorded of You, T-800 vs me and ITT? I know that T-800 recorded it with his camera. I do want to see if not oh well.
    Whens vids gonna be up?!

    We gotta friendly or something next time, GOD PIES too good.
    Hey Keist, let me know when the vids of WaB IV get posted, I believe you said they'd be up during the weekend.


    B'aww, from The Competition's Livestream!
    In the beginning, someone was being a douche and making fun of your voice I think. ;-;
    Hey whats up man! Hey I checked out OUGA website, im impressed. I dont attend Ohio University but i date someone who does, and im down there all the time, would love to get together with you guys sometime and play. I know you guys are on break now, I live in springfield ohio and i have a crew down here that would also be intrested in playing you guys. Just hit me back and let me know what you think about that
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