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  • Hey man, I have to double check tonight, I may have accidentally deleted Pops off my friends list. Have him re-add me pghMaverick if you talk to him. Thanks!
    I just got this message. I'll send it to him
    And yeah, I like Doc better than Mario for a few reasons:
    A. Doc's down b is a useful approach tool/damage dealer, and even a kill move at higher percents. Also helps a little with recovery. Mario's FLUDD is, well, FLUDD.
    (continued next post because of character limit D:)
    B. I like doc's single powerful hit on his up b better than marios multiple ones. I like having the OoS/read kill option than the more damage dealing move.
    C. I prefer docs down air to marios because its safer to use and easier to place right for me.
    I was hoping this person I was fighting was a competitive player; waaaaaaayyy too good to be a casual. Tell him I sent him a friend request too; I'd be down to play him later in for friend mode so we can play more stages than just FD :). I only had 5 losses out of like 100 matches going into that one; not anymore xD
    I'm too reliant on air combos :p I play Zero, Amaterasu and Dante. I'll add you so we can play someday when you're ready.
    I play mostly Annie and Akali, with a bit of Nunu. And I've been working on getting my MF solid, lol. You?
    Holy crap...why are they so expensive?
    Just finished episode 17 of Higurashi.....UGHHHHHHHNBjkNkjnsjkncjksdnvkdsnkjvndsj
    You would probably love it. xD

    It seems pretty popular, though.
    Have you ever seen Higurashi? This anime is friggin' creepy...
    It you know, "He's will spot dodge every time I do A," that's a free punish. It all depends on where you are and whether you're dashing or stationary. If you dash up ans suspect a spotdodge, a dash attack (earlier for Falco because his dodge is short) can be a free kill at 80-90. If you aren't as sure about the timing, just run up and sit in your shield, if you're comfortable enough with the grab timing, use that to punish. If not, use one of DDD's longer moves: F-tilt if you're far away and D-air or D-tilt if you're close up. All three of those moves are relatively quick (especially if you don't crouch the D-tilt) and last way longer than grabs.

    Oh yeah, If you're in the air, and your afraid he's waiting to shield/spotdodge you B-air, B-reversed (so that you're boosted from the edge of your backair range into their face) inhale works wonders. I stole that move from Coney when I saw how well it worked in some of his sets. Also, some people get inpatient during the set and try to mash out of inhale, especially if you use it a lot (successfully). You know what to do when this happens. ( =
    I use D3 in pretty much all of his matchups that are even or better (that Falco or Lucario aren't better at). He beats Lucario, Snake, ROB, Wario, and DK by more than most character and goes even with most of the characters he can CG such as Peach and Sonic. He beats most Luigis but it really depends on how much Up-B the player uses. Crash>DDD in my opinion for example. But his worst matchup is mk...this becomes difficult when 1/2 of top smashers have a pocket mk. You must learn that matchup if you want to use D3 for anything more than counterpicks. Right now I think Coney and Atomsk are the best at it (if you need vids to watch or people to ask for tips). CO goes Wario now but he's pretty good at it too.
    So would you mind adding something to the TYM thread about yugioh? I know we talked about it before.
    yeah, I did much better against his Falco than his ICs, though it was literally my first game of the day, and first game for probably two weeks, when i played that game, so i was rusty as hell. i believe i got three stocked haha. his falco wasn't nearly as bad if i remember correctly
    honestly i think my armor game is my best skill as a ZSS main, that's why I'm considering picking up diddy haha. I would never throw them away, I usually take my opponent's first stock with taking 60% or less, then they slowly catch up if they're around my skill level
    I think the dash attack lock is much more useful personally. I use dash attack as my main damage builder in a lot of matchups. On the other hand I've never attempted the dsmash>nair 3 in actual play.

    I personally think dsmash>nair 3 at low percents could be a solid tool, because you can definitely combo a uair and probably another uair after that, which would do 40% and start a solid juggle. I know norad was a proponent of that back when he was around.
    I think the hardest part is that there's a pretty narrow window of opportunity. You have to land the dsmash high enough to send them into tumble but not too high that the nair 3 trajectory starts to suck. But yeah, if you get it it should be:
    dsmash>nair3>nB>dsmashx3 (if you spam it you can hit them as they get up and the other one hits when they stand, stunning them. to be reliable though you'd probably just want to charge the dsmash and go for 2)>finisher, fair or bair. So yeah something like 60-70 damage depending
    yeah it's definitely techable. it's so underused that i wouldn't expect it to be teched though, and against heavy/fast fallers they have barely any time to figure out what you're doing
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