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  • Now i dont have a way to your house. Also, is there room for one more? A zss main wants to tag along
    What time will your mom be picking us up?
    Would Jordan be able to come along? (no gas money though)
    Cinci and back shouldnt take more than half a tank, which is like $15-20. So whatever splitting that is. Also I can pick people up if it's on the way or y'all could come to my house or something. Idc.
    And rollers beard doesn't stand a chance against my fedora :bee:
    kk, my address is 1960 Shaftesbury Road, Dayton ohio 45406 (Duh). Could Jordan ride along with us?
    he will be at my house on saturday.
    Well, Cameron has confirmed that he will still be coming to Vengeance even though he is gonna miss everything. So we can ride back with him. If not, i'll talk to Ori_Bro (Michigan) and see if we could hitch a ride with them back to Dayton, since they go through there.
    kk, now that the boards arent acting stupid i can talk to you. Sean (Shurikan) wont be able to take us and Cameron doesnt get off work til 2:45, meaning we would miss singles registration. So, unless we can find another way there, just friendlies.
    Uh, lets see. Me, Cameron, Shurikan (driver and new smasher. Pikachu Main), his friend (new Marth main), and Xpert (New, fox Main. and has his own car)
    Uh, we have a ride and everything, i just needed to make sure you had the money and was able to go. Also, we would be leaving on Friday and staying until saturday. We would be staying on the OSU campus btw.
    March 2nd in Athens, Ohio. Unity Rules so Mk is banned. Mk side tournament and Cpt. Falcon side tournament and other stuff too.
    :D. Alright I'll stop looking for a partner then. I wanted to team with you for a while but then you got kinda inactive xD. Call or text me if it turns out you won't make it in time for doubles and I'll try to find someone at the venue, but I'm really hoping you make it on time :p. 317-445-0721
    well he better not be gone any time soon. and falco vs kirby you camp. phantasm, double jab, lasers, and f-tilt, dont get greedy. that's pretty much all i can say. that's what i do lol
    Fizzleee, so I'm watching M2K and ADHD vs. Atomsk and Zucco.

    First game was kind of close, but not really and you know who wins. o'= But then someone tells Atomsk to go GnW and GnW + Lucario is just destroying them. M2K and ADHD lost game 2 and 3.

    We should try that combo some time if we ever do team. They were just wrecking. x; And fourth game Atomsk and Zucco were losing then all of sudden thanks to bucket they made it a super close game.. it's so good.. I really want to try it.
    My air game is prob my next thing on my to do list but thx a ton, Im sure I'll be reading more MU info later
    Im slowly learning the Mus with d3 but

    I stick away from peach and sonic , I need to see ITT (he goes to some smashfest ) or KB MU exp , if I want d3 but my zss is more suited for those MUs as of now

    I def know what you mean with not knowing the MU, I've been working those random MUs , as tako pulled a pocket falco game 3 in pools (beat him in bracket) and I got the swallowside draw (and lost draw match)

    the only issue I have as of now is punishing the obv spot dodge
    Yo , what MUs do you use D3 at? I've been using him for awhile but Im sure not many know so Im curious what MUs you use him for?
    Yah! GnW MK does better in certain of situations (mostly when an MK is on the team except Snake.), but double MK is always very very good too.
    I plan on wrecking for Nyope's. o'= Better be prepared! I decided to use MK for sure if I need to. I've been working on him mostly in friendlies, he's gotten super good! I really think it's going to get somewhere. First place dubs? I think so.
    You'll probably win, I won't get to practice until the day before or the day of LOL

    I think GnW would be a better choice against them than me going MK just to tell you.

    Even though I'm MK I don't know much about matchups except I know how to fight Wario...
    but I am well against both of them with GnW, plus GnW is good at being in their faces and killing early.

    If you want the honest truth, I kind of wasn't really focusing. I was pretty worn out and barely had any sleep.
    But it's not like I wasn't trying to focus sort of. But I wasn't thinking much.
    It'll work out. ='D And yeah, we may not even fight them! Lol.

    o: But we can just practice in the meantime~ I have so many tricks to learn with GnW, it'll be really helpful.
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