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Kirikou Rung
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  • Almost done with my Army AIT training. Soon, I'll return back to Ohio and back to the Smash community
    I think there's room for one more. I'll see if we can come within the next hour or so (if not, Fan and I can probably stop for you).
    We will probably have to leave between 9:30-10:00am. Details to come. (You had a way to get to my house right?)
    AAAAARRRG it was right next to me while I was asleep on vibrate. If you call again today really really for real I will pick up (I hope). But remember "I never pick up. Just message me through the boards." -Me 5/19/11 Anyway, we'll probably get to your house around 10:30am unless FanFan can help with a ride.
    Sorry I didn't pick up before I was with my friend and his family. I'll be home the rest of the night and I should be able to pick up most of the day tomorrow. Or if it's something quick, just post it.
    Sweet. I will see you Saturday. I'll need your address before then because I don't know which house (and actually maybe the street too) is yours.
    I still plan on going. If worst comes to worst, my mommy can probably to me (and you I guess considering you on the way-ish). But remember that's if worst comes to worst seeing as it is pretty to make two round trips to Cinci. One of these days I well get a car.:c
    Sounds awesome. Is there anything else I need to know? Also I have a friend who was interested in coming. If mine is the last spot, I will try to form a carpool of people I know, it probably won't work, and then I'll end up coming with you guys (who is in the carpool by the way?) anyway.
    "I never pick up. Just message me through the boards." -Me 5/19/11
    Sorry I took so long to get back to you. What did you want to say?
    It doesn't alert me to what you say unless you post it on my page. Anyway, I need to contact Ethan but lost his number...if I can't I wont be at any tournaments til SSiS.
    Yeah, I'm going to a track meet. After this week, I'm gonna try to start going to tournaments again though. It seems like the rest of you guys have been pretty inactive too.
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