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  • I'm leaving Friday tho. I'm not gonna wake up crazy early Saturday to get to Bloomington.
    If you guys can be ready in Indy on Friday then you both can have a ride.
    So if you know anyone else in Indy that wants to go to jakes I can go that way instead of cinci. Day isn't going and cinci only has one person now.
    Alright, we can team Hunger has Sago, I think he will probably beat us though like last time maybe harder cuz its hunger XDD

    We'll see tho. Make sure you bring your pillow and blah stuff I dont have blankets so yea.
    checkin about that.

    I finished my project and hw so Im hyyyyyped. Im gunna practice with jayford tonight if he can play.
    Hey youre in the clear, you can stay saturday night no problem when we get back from the madness.

    Cant wait!
    Okay, its kept in mind.

    Call me when stuff gets close and whatnot like the night before and ****
    10 AM Saturday. Can you be here by then?

    Hilltop Drive Apt. 26, building 30
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette IN 47906
    Alright hades.

    I already promised Hunger that I'd partner with him this time Hades. I really could just ask him if he minds me partnering with you if he'd prefer Sago though.

    I'll let you know details this week including address. Gotta talk to lance (driver)
    Alright. Well just let me know. I don't know the plan on when we will leave, but it will have to be after 5:30. So you should have time to get here.
    We have space for one more person hades. Hope you can come! Make sure your dad knows you need to be dropped off here sometime Friday 4ish 5ish? and picked up possibly Sunday morning or Saturday night if he's up that late lololol....

    I don't know what we'll do far as housing goes if it's the prior case, I may ask my room mates before hand if they mind you sleepin on our couch that night if we get back then.
    Oh you guys are leaving friday? Anyway I'll ask my dad and you ask purdue people and hopefully we'll know soon.
    Ill ask, not garunteeing anything but if your dad can get you up here that friday (4:30-5:30 is my last class) you can hang until the Purdue crew is ready to leave.
    No I mean team wise he's "picking" me up. I'm riding with Melee purdue people up there lol.

    Thats too bad I wanted to run "The Raptor of Christ" XD

    Well, hopefully double wario will work better with Hunger.
    lemme know if you're goin to Don't Blink, I'd like to team with you again if possible. Otherwise I'll be picked up by Hunger lol.
    Good !@#$ dude! I feel dumb though for losing all my mm's but bro hell yea, next team name should be Blind Leading the Dumb :3 (and Jesus healed the blind! :o )
    thanks for teamin with me hades, PRehistoric Miracles was a true success, we will **** even harder next time, I think consistentcy > everything lol. Sorry to see you go so soon
    I think I usually gave new OOS players a "below top 10 rated" standing (I keep record of how they do in our locals regardless, so if they return I'll have a proper seed for them), and ranked based on TrueSkill:

    And yeah, it kinda sucks if we get one guy from OOS in a 15-man tournament - I determined it's not worth making a top 8 bracket unless at least 20 people enter. I'll consider that observation.

    Also, pools weren't seeded quite accurately, since previously I was the one who devised and implemented the system, so this was Tails' first time trying to set it up according to my instructions. I believe you were supposed to be in SK's pool, not FOW's. Oh well, all worked out for the best I guess.
    Hey, hope you had a good time over in Vegas. By the way, may I ask your opinion of the pools/bracketing system?
    Just found out 15 minutes ago that my ride bailed (I left my phone at home today). I'll still try as hard as I can to make it...I just might not be on time. I'll keep you posted.
    You're looking for a doubles partner aren't ya? I'll be there, but I'm not 100% on when. I thiiiiiink it will be in time for dubs. I'm think I'm still not as good as I used to be, but am playing waaaay better than last SiiS.
    Hm, was asking about staying at your place tomorrow but nvm, also I hope you get a partner, if I team with Ripple maybe you can team with FAE, but I dont know how Lucas / Yoshi works if at all.
    If you want to post anything about the Pit matchup (since we're slow-going right now) . . . Pits definitely have it in their favor for Yoshi. I think I'm the only Pit that expresseidly has mained Pit and used him for every Yoshi I've played in bracket and pools. I've got you, Z'zagashi, Poltergust, and Slushi as my main attestations to the fact that Pit beats Yoshi outright. I've usually two-stocked other Yoshis, including Polt on SV.

    I will most likely be open to sticking to the +1 Pit has on Yoshi, but just to inform everyone, I'm not interested in going for even, and I never was. The above is just proof for that :) Im sure you understand hades. It's just, I've already discussed this with Polt.
    I cant post in the boards atm cuz im keeping my post count for the weekend, so let me explain and if possible, please repost this for me in the Stage Discussion. Oli is good on Frigate for multiple reasons, the first being that his Pikmin ratios are better than ever on this stage, he masses Purples and Yellows. The second, is that Oli can camp really well here, and this is especially apparent in the second transformation. If you give oli the middle dip, you're screwed. His pivot will grab up the hill, he can throw pikmin wherever, he can usmash through the platform above that is protecting him, and he's so small that nothing will hit him.
    Hades, you still need a ride to GP Affairs tomorrow? If so, PM me your address. Also, would you be able to leave tonight possibly?
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